The impossible is always possible

“One person was shot during a bank robbery, there is a traffic jam on the highway, a house got sucked into a gigantic wormhole, a quantum storming is coming close to the borders of the city, a pink bubble appeared in the yard of the local school and the gravity in the classrooms turned upside down, the weather forecast shows us hot temperatures and now … sports.”

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV
A world where the laws of physics, at least those we know of goes topsy-turvy. Maybe out there in the vastness of possible worlds there is one where the laws of physics work in a completely different way. Many authors before have imagined such worlds in a similar way, may it be Douglas Adams, Dan Simmons and others. One of those imaginations was also available on TV, more or less recently via the show “Fringe“, a show where a parallel world is discovered and interaction leads to the realizations how different the world can be. The disappearance of this show punched quite a hole into the world of Sci-Fi shows.
Back to FBP, a comic series that was published in the past few years and the author Simon Oliver leads us into a world where quantum tornadoes and the lost of local gravity more or less is part of the daily business. Like our world has a Fire Department, Police Authorities and more this world has implemented an Organization called FBP – Federal Bureau of Physics. Their special agents, like the ones we know from the FBI appear on the scene and take over the case when the responsibilities (or possibilities) of the local departments reached their end.
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The story starts with Adam Hardy, Jay Kelly and Cicero Deluca and a case where their knowledge and their skills are needed. From that point onwards we are confronted with strange and nearly impossible looking cases.
“The impossible is always possible.”
Issue. 1 (and others), Prof. Hardy
Not only does Simon Oliver, the author invite us quite fast into his vision but he also leaves the “monster of the week” storytelling immediately by giving us insights that there is a much wider and broader scope to his story. We are lead into hints of a some background stories, the experiences that Adam’s father was making, the early years of Cicero Deluca and who may or may not be responsible for those strange events. Through the number of 24 issues in total we are lead to some important twists and moments filled with suspense.
“Expect the unexpected.”
Issue 2, Adam Hardy
From the early issues on the series successful enough to make it’s way into the movie pipeline. Seems that are people interested in bringing this story on the big screen. Well earned and the hopes are there that the art of Robbie Robertson who was responsible for the art from issue 1 to 13 may be used as a basis for that. This may even be the chance of making a whole new experience by producing an animated movie. Surely this will not even be an option, the risk seems to high and casting real live actors (especially some famous ones) still looks safe enough for success.
Simon Oliver who is quite young within the field of comic books delivers here a very mature stroyline which fits perfectly well in the universe of Vertigo comics. This is a series that is worth reading, especially if someone is or was a fan of shows like “X-files” or “Fringe”. 


Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

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