Music for the Global Citizens

Imagine an event, where you do not be able to pay money but have to earn points by taking action to help, to make this world a better place for everybody. Such an event exists, it’s called Global Citizen and is held in Central Park, New York City for the fifth time.

Musical talents like Selena Gomez, Eddie Veder, Cat Stevens, Chris Martin, Metallica and more have been announced to appear on the stage in Central Park. Acts that will surely make enough Buzz to reach sufficent awareness.

Points can be earned on different ways, sharing via Social Media and inviting friends in participating is one of them. But this goes so much further, by building awareness for topics like education and the situation in other countries you get asked to write to governments  and companies to take part in necessary changes.

Personally, I love this idea a lot and hope that one day more such events will be held in a similar way. Paying money seems somehow kinda old-school in comparison to this. It takes it to a complete new level, because the concert will not only be visited by people who love the music or the bands but are also global citizens, people that aware what their position in the world is and that they did their share of help and support. 

So be part of it, be a global citzen, support and be there … it surely will be an amazing event.

More details here:

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