A little bit of Americana on a River in Austria

Imagine a stage on a river, an audience of hundreds of people, curious and patiently waiting for a Band of many talents. A Band called Calexico, playing music with many influences. There is no drawer that fits for this Band, not even for one of their albums. They may be successful within the Indie Pop-Rock scenery but when you listen to their songs you easily find melodies and tunes coming right from the Heart of Texas and Mexico.

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On Saturday, 23rd of July this Band played in front of an audience on the stage in a river. A stage located close to a small town in Lower Austria, and obviously the Band was suprised to find themselves standing on a stage that felt more like a boat. The concert started in the early evening hours, with a slight view on a wonderful sunset. The circumstances were perfect, sunny weather and warm temperatures provided a good basis.
The Band’s story began in the late 90s and their album “The Black Light” remains a milestone until today. One timeless classic tune after the other is right on this album. From this point on they delievered further comparable good albums but soon enough their real strength became quite obvious – standing on any stage and performing live in front of an audience really kicked in. Maybe because their music, especially the vibe of their tunes is difficult to record, or because they are such nice and kind guys and give the audience the feeling that they are watching a couple of friends performing right in front of them.
Like the music of the Band itself the gig changed it’s tunes, from some quiet Indie Rock songs with beautiful tunes to melodic mexican songs. Especially the later ones made the audience dance close to the water. From the very first moment the band delivered hits and some rarely played songs, also some songs that got quite recently published on their new album. The second half was filled with songs that made the audience dance, some trumpets, a squeezy machine, guitars and drums were played like there will be no tomorrow. They even returned on the stage for a third time.

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In the end it was a wonderful evening, it also seems that the audience was not alone in enjoying this event. The Band itself let the audience more than once know that they are not only surprised that they are standing on a stage in a river but also kinda liked it a lot. This made the concert one of those that are unforgettable.

Casa de Calexico – Official Website

Calexico – Allmusic.com

Donaubühne Tulln

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