The Weird, The Strange and some Magic

Every Action causes a reaction, every punch you make causes consequences.
These are some of the lessons, that Doctor Stepehen Strange learns from his very first
steps and every day he walks around being one of the mightiest magicians … at least in this plane of existence, anyway.


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Doctor Strange (2015), Issue No. 1, The Origin in a view panels
Among some other characters within the Marvel Universe Doctor Strange returned to the page with quite a Bang. The relaunch of his own series starts with his back story on one page and his love for what he does each day with the rest of the available pages in issue number one. We find him fighting monsters in the head of an innocent person, on the very street and on his way to a bar full of wizards, witches and other magical “figures”.
The first Volume titled “The Way of the Weird” (collecting Issues #1 – #5) brings old and new readers together by offering a chance to the new ones to learn who this Sorcerer Supreme and give those readers who followed the Doctor on some or even many of his previous adventures references to those tales. The story circles around some cases that fall into the hands of Doctor Strange, and he solves them – or takes care of them the way he usually does, with power and magic. Furthermore we see a man who doesn’t take a break not even for a little moment. He continues to move on to help and save those in need.
Parallel to all those stories in the first five issues we learn that “something” is coming, magical creatures from all the different dimensions run and hide. They try to escape from some unknown and powerful evil and not only Doctor Strange learns that this must be dangerous – remember when things that go bump in the night are afraid.
Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV
Jason Aaron (author) and Chris Bachalo (artist) seem to be the dream team to bring the Doctor, his friends and enemies back to live. The stories feel fresh, the Doctor has a mixture of one that is aware of his responsibilities but also admit of having fun while doing it. Where he kills he also makes you laugh and all this with a lot of references to stories from Horror, Fantasy and a whole lot of Myth and Legens from the entire world. So many that your head starts spin and thinks in circles while reading, it must have been fun developing the story. The only flaw here is that the first volume “only” offers the stage for the Doctor and feels more like an introduction to something far bigger. By the end of this storyline we not only get a glimpse but by discovering the damage that was done we see how powerful the villain is that is on his way.
Especially in stories like this, stories that are filled with magical creatures, some horror and a lot of fantasy elements the art is very important. It shouldn’t be too common, something that was seen to often in other magazines but also not too different to destroy the imagination of the readers. What Chris Bachalo accomplishes here is beyond words – he draws the horror and fatasy elements like they came right of H. P. Lovecrafts Imagination, the scenery is amazing and the atmosphere and the characters are filled with so many details that by reading again many other undiscovered things appear right in front of the readers’ eye.

The second Volume is about “The Last Days of Magic” and it is hard to describe this in a Spoiler Free way. It will give you the creeps and to start the series, especially the second act with such a huge story makes you wonder what this team has in mind for future adventures.

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

From the Weird, the Strange to the Last Days of Magic, like some other relaunches so far in the Marvel House of Ideas and Stories this delivers something great. Each issue gives you the feeling, the hunger for more; admittedly this is something that cannot be acclompished that easily. Here it was done, and even if the start may give the impression that nothing really important is going on the whole second act about the last days of magic is worth the wait.

The series is actually at Issue Number 10, the finale for the second act and soon the movie adaption will appear on the Big Screen. As we all know this will be a lot different, the origin will surely take a bit more than one page in one issue, since the audience is a bit different and furthermore the movie has to accomplish something the comic doesn’t need to – to get from small to big within two hours and hold the attention of the audience for this time. Something that is even more difficult to accomplish. So far the trailer is promising and the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch for the role as Sircerer Supreme surely helps.
Hopes are up, let’s see where the journey will go .. fortunately the comics will deliver entertainment for a longer period of time.


Wikipedia – Doctor Strange

Marvel Wiki – Doctor Strange (Earth-616)

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