The Trouble With Plutona

Welcome to Metro City where  superheroes fight each day and night criminals and super villains to keep the city safe. The following story is not entirely theirs, it’s the story of five kids that get involved in the supernatural by finding the body of one of those superheroes in the woods close to their school and homes.


On the first pages we learn about Teddy, Ray, Diane, Mie & Mike, five kids that attend the same school. It starts in each of their homes and their family life could not be more different, from the love and caring parents to the single parents with alcohol problems. The kids meet each other on their way to school, talk about their daily life and what bothers them. We learn about Teddy the Nerd, Ray the Cool, Diane the Girl that wants to be respected and Mie the One that doesn’t want to be responsible of his younger brother Mike. All in all they come together and meet after school, at a nearby wood where Teddy looks out for activities of his beloved superheroes. While arguing about superheroes, geekdom and family business Mike ran away into the wood and the others immediately follow him. While searching for Mike they find the body of the famous superhero Plutona and are shocked.
Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV
This is the moment where the story really starts, the kids – still shocked – start to discuss what they should do. Whom they should call and what the possible consequences this may have when it goes public. From one moment to another they partially stop being kids by being confronted with a difficult situation. Together they decide to stay together and work it out together.
Parallel to this story we also learn about Plutona’s Last Adventure, on the last pages of Issue One we see her working in a diner, coming home and meeting her daughter and her mother. We get a very personal glimpse of her life outside the superhero world, especially because her family understandably doesn’t always understand that she puts her life in danger that often.
“I-I wonder if Mom is right. Maybe I’m putting being Plutona ahead of being a good Mom?
Can’t think about that now. Need to get my head in the game. Metro City needs Plutona!”
Plutona, Issue No. 1
The whole comic is filled with such questions, may it be coming from Plutona or the kids, who play the main roles in this story. Responsibility, consequences and challenges of daily life are the more important elements here. The superhero world and the typical elements like fighting villains and crime are just trigger elements to tell a different story.
Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV
Jeff Lemire delivers together with Emi Lenox and Jordie Bellaire a comic book that puts teenage drama into a superhero story. They manage to do that well, Jeff Lemire being the most famous one of this trio already proved several times that he can master complex stories and never let the emotional parts get lost. From his series “Sweet Tooth”, “Trillium” and the actual “Descender” we learn how stories that you have heard for several times can be told differently. Jeff is one of those writers that offer new perspectives and never gets boring. The mini-series “Plutona” is a very fine example of that.
Furthermore the series got enough attention that it may hit the big screen one day. It makes wonde who will sit on the director’s throne, who may write the script and who will be acting. This sounds like a good chance for an indie production involving the three main responsible persons – Jeff Lemire, Emi Lenox & Jordie Bellaire – participating as director, writer and producer, maybe.


This is a story that will move you, it succesfully combines teenage drama with a superhero story. We get a little of “Stand by Me” (Movie by Rob Reiner, based on the short story “The Body” by Stephen King), the adventerous story of some kids who together try to find a solution, a way of solving the situation they are confronted with. We – the reader – learn about their dreams, hopes and fears. The authors of the story managed to show very different teenagers, who get together and bring their special interests and character within the discussion. We even see how some of them grow through this discovery.
The last issue of this series was published quite recently, a collection will soon appear on the shelves of your local comic book store.


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