Looking for a Green Future?

Is it just me or does the trend of successful Comic Book adaptions does give a little hope for more of those Comic Books I used to read and love as a kid.

Surprisingly succesful adaptions like Deadpool for example are the ones that open the doors for new ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a lot of those movies that were published so far, especially the ones from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Let’s take a quick look at Deadpool, a lot has been written already and many do hope that the announced sequel will be at least as good as the first one. Still hoping, still just saying. When I left the cinema I kinda thought that the way how this movie was written and produced may lead to adapt stories from other characters.

It wasn’t after I watched the Trailers for the upcoming Movie Suicide Squad, a Movie Where Margot Robbie will play the part of Harley Quinn. One of those crazy Comic Book Characters that more than once also broke some rules of storytelling. Like Deadpool she is the impersonation of an R-Rated mouthful of a character. Loud, cruel, funny and vexing.

There it happened, this combination – especially the breaking of the Fourth Wall (among other rules) – reminded me of the time when John Byrne wrote The Sensational She-Hulk (1989-1993). In this time she was totally aware that she was a star in a Comic Book and she not only talked to the Author and/or the Editor but also directly to the Reader. The book was filled with jokes that were quite unusal in a regular Comic Book, which also lead to the situation that John Byrne was even fired for some time and only the change of the Editor lead to the fact that he was able to continue his stories.


So, back to “hope” – especially the one that Sucide Squad will also be successful for all the people involved and will be the funny, crazy, action-packed movie the Trailers so far promise it to be.

For a time, starting with the Sensational She-Hulk series by John Byrne in 1989, She-Hulk was portrayed with a form of “cross-dimensional” ormetafictional awareness, to break the fourth wall. In some stories, she showed an awareness of being a comic book character, with visuals of her “tearing the page” or “walking through a page of advertisements” to reach an enemy’s control centre. She sometimes engaged in arguments with the writer (John Byrne), or appealed to the comic’s editor, Renée Witterstaetter.
see Wikipedia, Breaking the Fourth Wall

What kind of storyline may be fitting?

Let’s be realistic, after all the failures of the past adaptions of her bigger and even more famous cousin The Incredible Hulk it is difficult to imagine that she will get her own movie on the first step. So, like Harley Quinn being part of the Suicide Squad (which is a part of the latter stories from this book, anyway) She-Hulk can be introduced in a Movie mainly featuring The Fantastic Four, The Avengers or Spider-Man. Especially her being a member of the Fantastic Four for some time offers a chance to give her this stage for a first entry. Unfortunately no adaption of this Comic Book so far proved to be successful enough to make this happen – maybe Marvel has to buy those rights back, too. Make it, please.

Another thing possible would be to introduce her via TV, give her an introduction in the actual Marvel Cinematic Universe on Netflix. She being an atorney in her human form may lead to a meeting with Daredevil and one thing leads to another.

Apart from all that there is still the very small chance that someone may have this cracy sounding idea that another Movie of The Incredible Hulk will get produced and Bruce Banners Cousin appears and She-Hulk will play a major role within this Comic Book adaption? Why not, the succesful characterization of Mark Ruffalo may even make this one possible.

Who could be playing her? 

She-Hulk was the last character Stan Lee created for Marvel Comics in the late Seventies and since then many different writers and artists showed the audience what she may look like and more importantly how her character evolves. From my point of view only a view came close to the level that John Byrne reached when he wrote her as a member of the Fantastic Four and also in her Solo Comic Book. Funny, sexy, self-aware and knowing what she wants to be and how she will be able reach that.
For me actresses like Evangeline Lilly, Kate Beckinsale and  Jennifer Lawrence seem to be the perfect choices. According the last one – yes, I know – can’t get away from this talented girl. She is amazing and tell me if you share another opinion on this.



Does it matter who will be directing, producing and/or writing?

Simply said – yes it does. Someone who is able to write funny scenes and isn’t shy to put a woman in the main focus. It doesn’t have to be R-Rated at all, even if like in the Comic She-Hulk was shown in nearly nude and very sexy ways. There doesn’t even have to be Blood & Gore but some action would be great. The main focus should be taken on the dialogues, wether between the characters or between her and the audience. This can be taken even further than we have been shown on Deadpool so far and yes, there is more possible.

Maybe you go to a Comic Book Store close to you, ask for the first Trade (ask for the one that were written by John Byrne), which collects 8 issues and read through it. It’s fun and entertaining at least and if you share my opinion let me know via the comments below.


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