New Shocking Beginnings


To start something new in this age may seem common and easy but if you want to do it in an area which is quite dominated by a few publishers it isn’t that easy to begin with. Having some of the top artists and writers on board surely helps. In the case of Aftershock Comics I was hooked right after the news came out, reading that people like Garth Ennis, Jimmy Palmiotti, Brian Azzarello amongtothers are starting their own series reminded me of the first steps of IMAGE Comics and DARK HORSE. Both publishers that are settled in this field.

So, December last year it happened – the first issues arrived on the market and so much can be said – an interesting start, fresh, new and mixed with some of your favourite stuff. So far I read the first issues of “Dreaming Eagle”, “Insexts”, “Super Zero” and “Replica” and without going into to many details so much can be said.

Dreaming Eagle
The very personal story of a pilot who served in the Second World War and now has his own shop in 1966, somewhere in America. His discussions with his sons include topics like racism, dictatorships and more. The writing is clear direct and the dialogues feel ver real.

Super Zero
The story of a girl, a daydreamer which spends more time in her imagination than otherwise. Therefore causing trouble to her family and friends, reminds me much of Calvin & Hobbes, especially his imagination of Spaceman Biff – in this case our main character tries to become a superhero of her own. This can become quite tricky because we see her plan and do things that are close to criminality. Wonder how the writers will deal with that.

Wow, imagine Fear Agent somehow meets the world of Blade Runner and Lobo. In this first few pages we have Action, Cloning, Quirky Dialogues and complete crazy characters. I loved it a lot, especially because I am a huge fan of such things and the mix works perfect here in this comic.

A fairy butterfly Horror Story, so far it feels like the slowest start of them all, not giving that much of information only setting up the main characters and their intentions. This may take some time, after I finished it I felt a bit unsatisfied. 

So far – all of them made a very good impression and I am looking forward to what comes next. In the past few months other interesting series were also announced, makes you wonder.

Go for it – give it a try, there is something for every taste. May it be Horror, Sci Fi, Drama or Adventure. Have fun and enjoy.


Aftershock Comics Website

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