There is no Truth


The Truth is a difficult thing, it is hard to get, and even harder to hold and it can get lost so very easily. Especially when Money, Fame, Freedom or Crime is involved.
In this very case it is all and everything that’s connected and Netflix offers us one truth by watching the Show “Making a Murderer”.

Documentaries are a curious thing, they promise objectivity by showing facts instead of opinions. This alone is a lie – in many situations it is not the intention but in some form it clearly is – and manipulating the opinion of the people is not something that I agree with.

Friends recommended this show to me and I put it immediately on my To-Watch-List and by pure coincidence I got my hands in the actual issue of the New Yorker and there was quite a critical article about this show. The article focusses exactly on the negative side, bringing forward evidences and witnesses that may prove that the system doesn’t work, that the officers did wrong by putting this man into prison. Seems that the journalist of The New Yorker made his homework and in this very detailed article brings up points where the producers hid some evidences because they would’ prove their point. There is even mentioned that the producers didn’t bring up all evidences because that would change the result they wanted to achieve.

One of those results was that people started collecting signatures, sent them to the president and went on the street to get him free. That people do that for each other is a good thing but it is the wrong way to improve a system.



At this point I do not want to judge either side, especially because I haven’t seen the show, didn’t follow the case (or each case) and moreover I was not there when it happened.

I want to stress out that those documentaries, those articles have to be read and watched very critical. Be aware that there is no such thing as objectivity, even in a very subconscious way there is still subjective in existence. So, therefore I am going to watch the Show, the trailer promises a lot and will compare it to the article from The New Yorker and will come back afterwards.

In times like this it is harder and easier at the same time to be skeptical and find arguments for that, there are many more articles and information sources than there were ever before.

Therefore be skeptical, don’t take everything for granted and ask questions and keep in mind that a big channel is more interested in having viewers than in solving problems for society.




There is one movie by Billy Wilder titled “The Front Page”, it is a comedy mainly focussed on the relationships between the characters but between the funny dialogues and the quirky scenes there is message that is guilt nowadays and it will stay guilty for quite some time.

For more information please go and buy the actual issue of the New Yorker (January 2016) and take a look at the show on Netflix. Only by looking at an issue from more than one angle you can get a picture close to a truth you are maybe looking for.


Making a Murderer on Netflix

Dead certainty, Article on New Yorker

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