We’ll always have Paris!

Doctor Who City of Death

Previously in Paris, in the late seventies, there was a Time Lord and a Time Lady for holiday reasons. Both enjoying the Tourist Attractions, meeting Artists and walking around in the streets of this wonderful and amazing City. It wouldn’t be the Doctor and his companion when this little trip wouldn’t lead to more, much more.

First of all, I am a huge fan of the TV Show Doctor Who and the Story “City of Death” was not only one of the first ones I have seen but it became quite fast one of the best I’ve ever seen. Not only was the script from Douglas Adams amazing but the storytelling within four parts was perfect. It is a complex story that was not easy to tell, even for the standards of Doctor Who.

But back to the Book, which is based on the original script – like the story on the screen we are confronted with four parts. We start with the accident of the alien spaceship, that arrives on a uninhabited world and gets blown up or more less fragmented through time.

Right afterwards we read about arrival of the Doctor and his companion in Paris and it is great to accompany both of them during their walk through the streets. We hear about how the Doctor loves this place and we learn to understand his love for the human race. During a visit in the Louvre, especially while watching the famous Mona Lisa both of them get involved in distraction and misunderstanding which leads them right into the hands of a mysterious Count and his fellows. They learn of a Scientist who is serving the count and working on Time Experiments.

Reading this feels a lot like watching the show but with a bit more background information. We get inside information about the thoughts of the characters, first of all the Count himself. This makes him the more interesting character than he appeared to be in the show.

I loved reading it a lot, it reminded me when I saw the episodes and made me love it even more. Still it makes me wonder – would someone who loves other works from Douglas Adams enjoy it, too? In case of Shada I would have said yes – in this case it’s a bit different. It feels less humorous and there is less action but it still was very entertaining.


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