The Detective who knew it all!


We’ve all been there before, we read a novel, seen a movie, watched a show containing fictional characters and then one day – they somehow become real. Maybe at first in our imagination and then later on we start seeing them and wondering if they reflect the picture we kinda painted in our mind.

Sherlock Holmes is one of this fictional figures that became famous throughout the whole wide world. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle accomplished something that only a few managed, too. He invented a detective that looks similar in all the imaginations of each person that came in contact with, may it be literature or movie. We all have the same picture and many actors tried to fill those shoes and many were able to do so.

Now imagine this – Sherlock Holmes is real – even better – was a real detective and Dr. John Watson adapted the crimes they solved into novels in those times.

The Movie “Mr. Holmes” is one of those stories and it is perfectly well told. We – the audience are in the wonderful position of seeing Mr. Holmes in three chapters of his life.

– Remembering and revisiting his last case
– His visit to Japan
– His life on the countryside


The later seem to be his last few days or months of his life. This is where it starts and this is where it all ends. We see him arriving in this house at sea where he immediately starts working on writing about his last case. Alongside with him lives Ms. Munro – the housekeeper – and her son Roger and with him Sherlock builds something that reminds us of the friendship with John Watson. Together they take care of the beehives in the garden and Roger finds Joy and Fun in helping the aged Mr. Holmes. In between he gets the chance of listening to stories of the great detective and the boy himself shows that he has quite a sharp mind.

Through both of them we see moments of the past, a crime that hasn’t been solved and wrongly told by Dr. John Watson in one of his novels and the trip to Japan to find a plant that helps him recover his memories.

The story is adapted from Mitch Cullin’s Novel “A Slight Trick of the Mind”, which was published in 2005. Everything works fine, the movie is filled with wonderful moments, atmospheric views of the landscape and most important the cast is amazing and especially Ian McKellen plays all incarnations of Sherlock Holmes with heart, passion and talent.

This is one of the rare movies which can be watched by die-hard fans and the who only touched the legend that is Sherlock Holmes.


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