Christmas Time, wonderful, wasn’t it? Or?



Imagine a land, where Christmas lasts the whole year. A land that is filled with Candy, Snow, Zoo and many kids.

Sounds a place of fun and joy, doesn’t it? Not, when you start asking people like Joe Hill, who visibly has another idea of fun. His idea is more dominated by kids who want to have with adults, by biting and eventually eating them.

Therefore in 2014 the Comic series Wraith got published, a series that is directly connected to his book “NOS4A2”.

Right from the beginning we are introduced to the main character Charlie Manx, a driver of a Rolls Royce Wraith on his way to Christmasland. During this trip the little girl on the backseat has to hear his life story, which is cruel by itself. His life was filled with challenges and letdowns, even when he got married to a wife from a rich family everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Until that very day he bought a part from a land called Christmasland, a land where it is promised that the whole day will be Christmas. On the day of the opening the whole family goes there only to find out that he was tricked – there is no Christmasland.

From this point onwards everything changes, not only Charlie Manx and his beloved children but also this land called Christmasland.

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Joe Hill – who has written the wonderful Comic Book Series “Locke & Key” – goes one step deeper into the Horror that is your imagination. He plays with old american mythologies of hope and trickery and brings it together with the darkest magic imaginable. Even when some adults – in this case criminals – are brought to Christmasland we are confronted with Horror that reminds a lot of “30 days of Night”. The kids want to have fun and they play with the adults like good kids do, unfortunately it’s a different kind of game this time.

To be fair – I haven’t read the book but it is something that landed on my reading list right after I finished the last page of the last issue, which by the way perfectly wrapped the whole story of Charlie Manx and his car up.

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