Is it time for a TV revolution?

Everybody’s looking for entertainment on small screens, may it be news, movies, shows, or documentaries – we want to be entertained.

The past few years the digital world kinda left no stone untouched and television and broadcasting being one of those stones kinda changed a lot.

With Amazon Prime and Netflix two players arrived on the market who made streaming of the above not only legal and available for an affordable price but also gave the consumer the opportunity to watch whenever or wherever he/she wants to. Somehow – having a very old mobile television from early 70s makes me imagine that this idea has been existing for quite some time now.

Makes me also wonder what effect that may cause on the existing network broadcasting system, where we have fixed time slots for news, shows, movies, documentaries .. and advertisements. The later ones have a huge impact on public television due to the cause that it supports the programme.

Where are we now?

At the moment all systems are available parallel and working hard on attracting more customers each day, by offering more services, more shows or movies, in better quality or even additional languages.

The idea of providing things like that came into existence before and other providers in the meantime kinda lost “battles” with the networks (or were not attractive enough for the customers). So far Netflix and Amazon Prime – who are without doubt the biggest players here – seem to have no real problem so far. Netflix started slowly but having interesting and entertaining content made customers stay. Amazon Prime is younger than it’s sibling but offers a package that is very attractive. Not only are you able to watch movies and shows for a very affordable prize but have the additional service of no-delivery-costs (in case of an order) anymore and receive your package faster than other customers. There is a big wow to that.

Both players are on their way on conquering the world and they are on a far better way than any Bond Villain before them. One country after the other receives the chance to setup an account, pay and receive content. One day only North Korea may be still be without a service of similar kind – or maybe they will build their own Streaming Service, with talk shows about their dictator and guest stars like Jess Franco or Seth Rogen? Maybe. There is still hope.

Have we arrived in the 21st century?

As some of you already found out there is still a big “but”, one that hurts a lot. When the internet first arrived and the first steps showed quite clear where it’s heading many hoped that it will change the world on a global level. Don’t get me wrong – it did – but not in the way some visionaries imagined it to happen. The streaming services show that in very obvious way, especially in the past few years where Netflix made a huge rollout to new countries, by becoming available in some european countries. Customers were very curious but after they finished their setup and started the trial month the feeling of curiosity kinda left. Simply because people saw that the content was much smaller than they imagined it to be. The content that was – according to the media – available in the United States was not available in Europe, not even close. There are still different legal “restrictions” from country to country which makes many customers wonder.

Where do we go from here?

From my humble point of view the way is clear. Conquer more countries, Offer more content, more languages and more services. We do live in an age where the internet offers us live streams over the world easily.

Some ideas ..
– Movies that arrive in the cinema being available legally for a special prize?
– Documentaries, watched live while the explorers are on their way?
– Sit-Coms with live audience can be watched during the recording?

… and there is much more to explore, in the end there is no end in sight. Take a look on YouTube and you will get further ideas.

My personal dream is simple – to see BBC’s Doctor Who the same time it is broadcast in Great Britain (and some other countries). It’s possible but not in an easy way – Amazon Prime at least offers it on the next day for an additional prize. Something I can live with but still .. this is not he 21st century for me.

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