Who wants Powers, anyway?



Some things take time – Sony Pictures discussed the adaption of the Comic Book “Powers” for the small screen for quite some time. If the information is correct it somehow even started in 2001.

Last year it happened and by March the first season reached the TV screen. I was there for the first episodes and have to admit that I lost interest quite fast. By the end of the year I kinda got my hands on Season 1 and gave it a chance, again. This time I watched the whole season and can say that I liked it. 

First of all it’s not Heroes and that’s a good thing. It somehow feels flaw when you look at the way it was directed and produced. Especially when you look at the costumes and the exterior you can see that this show doesn’t have the same budget as other shows.



On the other hand more focus was set on characters, story and dialogue. I kinda liked how heroes and villains were presented, they felt better adapted than in other shows. The four main characters worked well, from Eddie Izzard as the the Big “Bad” Wolfe, Sharlton Copley as Christian Walker, Noah Taylor as Johnny Royalle and Michelle Forbes as Retor Girl, they were casted perfectly and I especially loved how Eddie Izzard worked as a villain in this show.

The first season lasted for 10 episodes and by the end of the fifth episode we were confronted with quite a high-point, one that’s a game changer for the rest of the season.

Overall it was okay, I liked some scenes, especially in mid-season where suspense was held high. In the end it’s hard to recommend – if you like the comic stay with the comic. I f you like similar shows and want to see something different – go for it.

In the end it’s a good starting point, better than most but still a lot to improve.


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