What is real, anyway?


Effigy’s story starts with Chandra Jackson, a Cop that was once famous for starring in a Superhero Sci-Fi Show, which was loosely based on a Book Series. One she is called to a crime scene where she and a detective are confronted with the discovery of a murder. A scene that has some resemblances to the Show where she starred in.

This seven-issue mini series starts like a typical crime story – discovery of a dead body and some strange hints – and within a few pages becomes much more. From panel to panel we are confronted with conspiracy theories, crazy fans, stalkers, religious fanatics, transgender issues and fantasy worlds that seem to be real.

From time to time the main character Chandra Jackson directly addresses the reader, sometime to give a short wrap-up, to explain her motives or her actions and brings the reader back on track. There are some moments where this is more than necessary.

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Chandra Jackson and the detective are the least bizarre characters within the story and they are quite the anchor that helps the reader to get through the story. The discoveries they make during their investigation lead from a tv show convention to secret cult meetings and each of them fit together.

The story itself is filled with suspense and mainly told via six issues, the last issue is a look back to what happened before, more or less a prequel to the story of Chandra Jackson and brings some loose ends to an end. Furthermore it makes you read the story again and give you the chance of seeing it through different eyes.

From reader and critics came a lot of praises for this series and it is quite earned, the storytelling is sharp and direct, graphic is not my favourite thing but still it feels okay for me, anyway. Last things also a thing for taste – so see for yourself. The cover of each issue was something I liked a lot.

Additionally – find enclosed some interviews and character details.

Title: Effigy
Publisher: DC Vertigo
MiniSeries: 7 parts
Published: 2015

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