G o o d B y e , S P A C E B O Y !


Dear David,

a few days ago we celebrated your Birthday and your New Album, we listened to your songs – new and old – and we were happy.

You, who accompanied our ways from young to old.

You, who changed the musical landscape only a few before and alongside you accomplished.

You, who sold the world.

You, who became a chameleon, a symbol of change, always going new ways, new directions but still staying recognisable.

You, who will always be an alien, wether it may be on screen or in real life.

You, who wanted to know if there is Life on Mars.

We hope that you will have a wonderful journey and can be whatever you wanted to be, may it be Ziggy Stardust or even Major Tom.

Enjoy, have fun and be amazing, like we remember you.

Article of The Telegraph

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