You can believe in Magic, again!


Have you ever wondered what became of your dreams. All your visions of your future, especially of what job you may be having in your future? In my case … there was kinda everything on the plate, becoming an explorer of space, captain of a ship, sailing to the sea, finding hidden treasures on forgotten islands and even becoming a magician. Yeah, I even got – one day at christmas – a magician’s set as a present and my fascination held on for a couple of weeks, after performing quite helpless in front of my audience consisting of family members.

How many of us dreamed of becoming a Magician? Someone who is capable of performing amazing Magic on a stage or at any given moment. When I grew up my dream kinda got lost and was replaced by other dreams. Fortunately other people had the same dream and held on to fulfil that dream.

Many years ago I’ve seen a little boy, performing some Magic on a very small stage in the hometown where I grew up. He was the brother of a classmate of mine and we were there, because of him. If I remember it correctly it was held to give young people of the region the chance to show what they are capable of. Sounds a bit like Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of Fame.

Whatever he did the years afterwards – one day he appeared back in this small town with a show. A show of Magic, together with his Girlfriend – Thommy Ten and Amelie – back on the small stages of this town, performing in front of kids. Together with some friends and their kids we attended the show and it was wonderful. Not only was he and his girlfriend capable to make the kids laugh and wonder, the magical performance was amazingly good, astonishing the adults, too. I watched the show two or three times afterwards and followed the news about their career and with joy I read of their successful performances in Las Vegas, Dubai and other great cities of the world. Meanwhile, they not only joined “The Illusionists” …

… they also earned some prices as a recognition to their magical performances. Prizes that are well known throughout the World of Magic.

And well earned it is, their performance of going through the audience and guessing … no … knowing things about them, their age, the serial numbers of their money in their pockets, the things they carry with them. It is breathtaking and not possible to find out – not for the humble audience, it isn’t. They perform in a very charming way, with wit and esprit, capturing each moment wonderfully.

If you have … by any the chance … the opportunity to see them do it. Go and be aware … they know you already and all the things you carry with you.

… and you will leave the hall with the knowledge that Magic is back in the World.

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