Never too young to Rock’n’Roll, never to old to die


I remember it well – it was 1983 and I went to the cinema together with my family and saw the movie E.T., like many others I fell in love with Drew Barrymore.

What happened afterwards not only changed her life but all those who shared her fate since then. The fate of fame, money, wealth, friends, fans, drugs and rock’n’roll. The world has often been confronted with child stars like Drew Barrymore. Somehow due to the fact that Drew is not even one year younger than me and I kinda grew up and followed the newspapers who reported in colourful pictures her downfall, her way downwards with drugs. In those times she somehow became a poster book of what can go wrong.

As you all know there were many that became famous in their youth and were not able to cope with it. Sometimes because of their own fault, the fault of parents who pushed too hard or managers who had just the wrong intentions. Some of them didn’t even find their way out of those hellholes they fell into.

This time I want to focus on someone who shows us that it is not only possible to become famous with a very young age but also walks step by step upwards without falling into a pit of drugs and depression.

Yes, it’s all about Selena Gomez – her musical and her acting career.


Selena Gomez first famous role on the small screen was by playing one of the lead characters in the show Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney Channel. She mentions in the casting interview (see above) that acting was not the only thing she wants to follow. Making a career as a singer was something that interested her far more. She also had some chances to prove that during the show. Furthermore listen to what she says about friends and family, that she loves spending time with them. Something I believe that kept her going in the right direction and helped her to stay even on the road.

While acting in this show she also formed parallel a Band called “Selena Gomez & The Scene”. Their music was filled with easy listening pop songs, some nice melodies and mostly sing-a-long- lyrics. Some of those songs remained – Naturally being one of them. One of those songs that kinda remained from this period of time – for me anyway.

Furthermore she also starred in some movies, mainly love comedies and only a few of them are really worth watching. 

Don’t get me wrong, the movies are not bad, but they are usual Disney Live Acting Comedies, working quite finde on a Sunday Evening.

So, here we are, nice easy-listening pop music and starring in some nice comedies.

Maybe this helped – staying with both feet on the ground. She made a name within the industry but real fame somehow didn’t really kick in. In those times her name only appeared in connection with being nice to her fans, may it be during the live gig, before or afterwards. She kinda learned and honoured what her fans gave to her.

She later found her name in the tabloids by dating Justin Bieber, a relationship that was presented in quite difficult form in the media and sometimes felt like an on-off-thing. 

In the end – especially in my point of view – it doesn’t matter. Everyone has a right to live a life in private, dating whoever she wants.


I kinda adore this appearance in the George Lopez show where she had no voice and had to answer some questions with this funny gadget, especially the ones about her relationship situation. Please take n mind that she became 18 years when she appeared on the show – this was a short time before her gigantic breakthrough.

In many other occasions, especially through her appearances in some talk shows she proved how much fun she can be. Her latest movies and albums show that she not only has talent but also enjoys it.

Selena Gomez & Jimmy Fallon singing Mario Kart

Selena Gomez & Jimmy Fallon Dubsmash

Selena Gomez & Jimmy Fallon play Shoe Golf

She became amazingly famous with her first debut album and her second one not only sounds better it seems to make her even more famous. Now, at the age of 23 she has all the fame and wealth someone in her field can possibly have and she still feels like your next neighbour, the girl you wanna ask if she would like to go for a cup of coffee together sometime, one you wanna go out to watch a movie.

She is 23 years now and seems to be doing great and I sincerely hope that it will stay that way .

What can I say – have fun and enjoy life because it has so much to offer, give love to the people, to the fans and to the kids that love you and your music – that’s something that only a few stars have recognised during their way of fame. Those who have made a difference – they are even the ones who survive, who live long enough to enjoy life the right way.

In the end – making a difference – is what counts, and nobody has to be spend every minute or dime for charity. To wizardly bring people to smile is more than most of us accomplish.


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