The Doctor, Agatha Christie and Starship Troopers

Ten Little Aliens 50th Anniversary Edition Cover

Some yeas ago I started watching the BBC Show Doctor Who and after a few episodes I felt in love. Being aware that over the past 50 years this show also got published in form of books, comics, fanzines, magazines and audio dramas I stayed on watching the show on BBC. After attending the 50 year anniversary in November 2013 I not only continued reading the comics and the Doctor Who Magazine I started to read some of the books and “Ten Little Aliens” was among the first ones I read.

The story is – like the title suggests – about ten aliens, which are frozen in a hollowed-out planetoid. At the same time the Doctor and his companions appear within the labyrinth of the planetoid a bunch of soldiers from the Earth Empire appear, on a mission. What mission it is and why those aliens – who we find out at the very beginning are enemies of the Empire – are kept frozen there is getting uncovered step by step.

I seem to be one of the few people who also like the incarnation of the First Doctor. Not being a fan but there are many aspects that I like and I also find in the actual incarnation. The Twelfth Doctor. Stephen Colbert, the author of “Ten Little Aliens” manages to breathe the right amount of life into the characters, the first Doctor and his companions are appearing there like they were played on the show. Things like that are rare in my experience.

Furthermore I like the mixture of The Doctor being confronted with a situation similar to Science Fiction Movies like Alien and Starship Troopers. Apart from that this books also earns the reference to one of the most beloved stories of Agatha Christie and the author unfolds one mystery after the other and giving us the reader the chance to dive into the world of Doctor Who very easily.

This is one of those books – if you are a fan of the show, love the strange humour or suspense of the above mentioned movies and like how crime stories evolve – give it a try and read it. It is fun and entertaining.

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