You did it, Charlie Brown!

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Here we are, Christmas Time is over and “The Peanuts” arrived our local cinemas, and it was great. The movie is filled with wonderful and joyful moments.

The main story is simple – it focusses on Charlie Brown and his love for the newly arrived kid in the neighbourhood, the little red-haired girl. How he works hard on impressing the girl, even more on winning her heart.

Apart from that every other beloved character from the Peanuts is treated with love and respect, getting enough screen time to move you. Even Pig Pen has his moments.

We see Lucy treating Charlie with the usual disrespect, Peppermint Petty falling asleep in school and giving wrong answers, Linus and his love for his blanket and Snoopy and his imaginary fight with the Red Baron.

This movie was done with heart and love to the fans – and even more – he doesn’t fall into the trap of becoming a simple love letter.


Not only did the people involved produce a movie worth watching by fans but I am confident that people that are new to the world of the peanuts will immediately all in love.

If there is anyone asking me which movie was the most anticipated one this year the answer will be “The Peanuts” and it delivered.

Go for it – and enjoy!


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