Two Brothers, some Drama and Family Life


Manaus (Brazil) – we are told the story of a family, a story that starts with the love between Halim and Zana, a boy and a girl who live a happy and joyful life. One day Zana gets pregnant and gives life to twin brothers, Yaqub and Omar. Each day in their life is dominated by hate and their troubles surely make life hard for the family. Apart from the obvious the novel doesn’t focus on he two brothers themselves but on the people surrounding them, showing what consequences their struggle causes to the people who love them both. We see their parents who – blinded by love – help and support their children whenever possible by giving them a place to be, where help and supports awaits them. Until the very end where everything comes to a dramatic conclusion and we learn who the storyteller is.

The love and hate relationship between siblings, especially twin brothers was often an issue in literature. From Cain and Abel to Yaqui and Omar each story was dominated of challenges, misunderstandings and often revenge.

In this very case Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá, who are twin brothers themselves and quite famous in their field took the opportunity to publish Hilton Matoums novel The Brothers in form of a Graphic Novel. Their graphic style and their way of storytelling seems more than fitting for this novel. To be honest I haven’t read the original book but from what I’ve read so far it was atmospheric, complex and filled with drama. Considering this the adaption seems amazingly well done.

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