There is no such thing as “No Communication”

What is Communication? What was Communication? What will the future of Modern Communication look like?

Many years ago, somewhere in the early 80s when I was a little boy we visited a family. A family where the father owned a radio room wich made it possible for him to speak with people in the whole wide world. On the wall was a map of the world and there were pins for each contact he had. I was impressed, I got shown how the machine works and what joy it brings to discuss with people in China, in Australia or America. In those times the only way to contact people on the other side of the world was a phone, but this was different, it can only be used by people who have their own radio station at home. If you like you may even call it the first social media platform, even if it lacks a lot of things that are standard nowadays.

Speaking of which – nowadays Social Media dominates our daily life like nothing before. This in combination with the technical possibilities we have give us the opportunities of having Hermione’s Bag in a pocket. 

Does it make it easier for us to communicate with each other?

Yes, it can – what I described above can be accomplished by anybody today. You can send your opinion, your status or any information out into the world and talk about it with people you know a bit or even don’t know at all.

Funny thing is – people believe this to be a bad thing, something that is not natural and has therefore be reduced. From my point of view this is not necessary.


Because this was also said when the first telephone appeared, people believed that no one will leave the house anymore and interaction between real people will cease to exist. Some years later when the phone went mobile it was said that people will only run around with a phone at their ear. Now we see people running around and looking at the screen of their smart phone or their tablet and I do not believe that it will stay that way.


Because we – the people – always use a gadget excessively when it’s new and cool. In this case it offers more than any gadget before. Having the world in your pocket is beyond compare. Therefore it will surely take a longer period of time until we recognise this gadget for what it is.

A simple tool.

A tool that can make life easier, and I want to stress out that it “can”. There is no need for that, we will continue to live our life, even when we leave the home or the office and go offline. It’s good to have it with you and use it, just in case.

In the end I managed it – and after excessively using my new discovered and loved tablet I rediscovered how valuable and wonderful a communication with a human being is. In all the years afterwards I wanted to leave some Social Media platforms because I also believed them to be evil, but instead I learnt something. They are the radio station to communicate with all the friends that I have somewhere on this globe, family and friends in South America, Netherlands or even China. Before I quit I imagine how the communication with would work, still possible but with obstacles.

Therefore – I believe in a future where communication between human beings will be important, as important as it was ages ago.

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