This Record belongs to Everyone

sfront cover thisrecordbelongs to LITA TM

Quite some time ago – on the 9th of September this year, to be specific – I wrote about a Set containing a record, a book and a mini-record player. This set was announced to be aimed at a younger audience, but can be bought and especially enjoyed by people of any age. I got curious then and tried to find out if I can order the set and yes it was possible but – unfortunately – the costs for transport were quite close to the set price, which made it a bit less attractive.

Fortunately one of my local record stores had the album at least for sale and remembering the article I bought it immediately. After listening to it for some time I can tell that the collection of songs was really well done, it surely works for kids and adults in the same way.

Tracklist Side A:

  1. Shel Silverstein – Invitation
  2. Van Dyke Parks – Occapella
  3. Carole King – One Was Johnny
  4. Harry Nilsson – The Town (Narration)
  5. Harry Nilsson – Me And My Arrow
  6. The Pointer Sisters – Pinball Number Count
  7. Woody Guthrie – Dance Around
  8. Jerry Garcia & David Grisman – Jenny Jenkins
  9. Roger Miller – Oo-De-Lally

Tracklist Side B:

  1. Bobby Bare – Daddy What If
  2. Ella Jenkins – Pretty Trees Around The World
  3. Nina Simone – You Can Sing A Rainbow
  4. Vashti Bunyan – Diamond Day
  5. Donovan – The Mandolin Man And His Secret
  6. Miss Abrams & The Strawberry Point 4th Grade Class – Running In The Green Grass 
  7. Kermit The Frog – Rainbow Connection

Each and every song perfectly fits on this album, the chemistry between them is fine and while listening there were pictures in my head that all the artists were standing on a stage and performing their songs, like they do on this record. Maybe being part in an episode from the Muppet Show.

Apart from that – the idea to give kids the chance of discovering the world of music with these songs also works for me. The mixture goes from easy listening songs to more complex ones, but still everyone can surely be enjoyed by kids. In my case Roger Millers’ legendary classic Oo-De-Lally and Kermits’ Rainbow Connection surely will be loved by kids of every age.

“Friends, this may blow your minds, but in this record you’ll find …
… the most glorious music, and to you I will prove it!”

The book, that is part of that has pictures of animals who are trying to find out what this record can be used for. Either it may be a spaceship or a frisbee, in the very end they discover that it contains wonderful music.






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