Love is in the Air


The Hernandez Brothers, three brothers that began publishing comics together in the early 80s. Their series “Love and Rockets” was recommended to me by the person who manages my monthly comics order.

One evening I bought the Collection “The Love Bunglers” written by Jaime Hernandez, containing stories from “Love and Rockets: New Series Number 3 and 4”.

The story follows Maggie, a middle-aged and lonely woman, who we see meeting friends, going out to art exhibitions and trying to life a life that’s filled with love, family and friends. Each chapter shows us more from the emotional landscape of her and her friends and family members. Exceptional are the views that go back into her past, to a moment where she grew up in a family that just moved to be closer to the working place of the father. We get a lot of personal insights to her parents and her other siblings and her first steps into the love life of a teenager. These are the chapters that – in the end – explained a lot, made some decisions of her character much more plausible.

In this book the reader gets not only confronted with issues of life, love and hope but also with the situation of rape and the emotional problems that causes to a human being. This issue is only touched and handled quite discreet within the pages of the book but still it gets enough attention to make you think how easily things like that can happen.

First of all I haven’t read any of the previous issues of “Love and Rockets” but I felt at home immediately, the characters grew very fast on me, either I liked or disliked them. Thanks to the storytelling and the artwork of Jamie Hernandez this was quite easily manageable. One more thing is that every character feels realistic, their emotions, their hopes and the things that happen to them are taken out of reality. There is not too much drama, there is not too much emotion, that’s life the way it is. Each day being the same and a bit different, filled with decisions and consequences. Family and friends who are sometimes there for each other and sometimes not, women who want to be loved or adored for what they are and men who want to be successful or only want to get their life together.

Jamie Hernandez shows us a real world with real people in it, that’s what the Collection “The Love Bunglers” meant for me. Thankfully nowadays the market gets more and more of books like this, and I am very grateful for that. The Hernandez Brothers seem to have worked on other projects, too. As I found out one of them wrote “The Twilight Children” for DC Vertigo, which I started reading recently and this explains a lot to me.

Now I am even more curious, let’s see what more I will find out about the world of “Love and Rockets”.

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