The World is Ours, let it be free



This week I finalised the book “Information doesn’t want to be free” by Cory Doctorow and it gave me something to think about right afterwards. Some more than I mentioned when I wrote about the book earlier this week.

This time I want to stress out what I believe may be possible for a distant future. The past few years I – as a consumer of things – do come in contact via media or personally with the different topics that may or may not matter within our society today.

Let’s take a closer look … Music, Literature and Moving Pictures are industries driven by some main players in the world. Companies who seem to dominate the world by dictating what will be sold and to what price. Somewhere in the 90s I was confronted with the view that those companies somehow “rule” this world. My opinion in those days was that this is wrong.


Because I believed that the consumer has the ability to decide what is important for him and what is not, what he likes or what he dislikes. Over the years I learned the laws of Sales, Marketing and the power of Commercials. Still I kept my decision that a human being is able to make a decision all by himself and believe me I found out many times how wrong this opinion often was.

When the internet became more and more popular and legal (and also some easy-to-use) illegal opportunities arrived on the market my thoughts about this topic became apparent again.


Because the internet gave small companies, artists and authors the chance to publish theirs stuff by themselves. The support via Social Media Tools somehow showed me in good examples that it worked.

And I was wrong! Like man others the reality looked different, videos and pictures from cute-looking and funny-playing cats dominated and still dominate the world wide web.

What does that say about us as a society? Honestly, I do not know.

Nowadays, many people are working hard to earn some money to publish their stuff via Social Media Channels or other possibilities that the world wide web may have to offer. Some of them are even successful or earn enough to make a living.

My opinion nowadays is – still surprising – that we as a consumer can decide whether we want to buy it from a global player or from a small, maybe even regional one.

Think Global, Act Local … is something that is easily said but in reality hard to accomplish. I try that one everyday and am not sad when I fail, because I know that some amount of my time goes into supporting and following Bands, Artists and Authors that are from the same region, that way I know to whom I give this money.

This one for acting local, which is something that can not be accomplished 100% and somehow it shouldn’t be because that’s not the way the world works anymore. By the end of the 90s, during the first steps of the popularity of the world wide web the world got smaller and smaller. In todays News and Media we get the information from the other side of the world if we want to, if we are a part of this digital world.

This is not a bad thing.


Because on the other hand I remember growing up and watching Star Trek and thinking about Gene Roddenberry’s Vision of the Future, not about the conflict with other races and species in the universe but the structure of the Federation. Imagine a world where money is not the main topic for the people, where there is enough for anyone. Art can be produced, published and is part of the society. Literature and entertainment can be consumed without thinking about how much it may cost and how those people may survive. I would love to discuss with Gene Roddenberry personally nowadays how far his vision went in detail.


Because I think about this vision more today then I did as a kind. The world and all the things I faced in the time between changed my perspective a bit. I am still that boy sitting in front of the TV and loving this world where money, fame and power was not that important anymore. As many of know it didn’t work in total, there were a lot of episodes with villains, mislead characters and more but … and this is a big but … it was never about money or fame.

Surprisingly enough I kept this childish naivety alive and still believe nowadays that this is the world I want to live in and overtime we are discussing publicly how copyright laws are there for the artist (which is not true), how companies cry out that their music, movies, shows are copied around the world and they earn no money anymore but on the other hand each month there are many movies that break records by earning money via ticket sales?

I dream of a world, where people love to go tow work, not earning money but having jobs which are good. Jobs that fill them, give them perspective and show them what they give to the society.

I dream of a world where Food, Music, Books and Art is free and People can live by doing and spending time and energy for others. Why? Because people only consume what they really need and share with others.

I dream of a world where people live together, respect each other and work together to make it a better place.

Am I alone with this?

Is this naive?

Is this not possible?

What will we tell our kids one day?

That we built a world that no one likes but everybody has to live in?

That we had the chance to change it and we didn’t do it?

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