There is Magic in the Music


There are some pop fairies in the music business and Florence Welch sure is one of them. With magical gratitude, with a voice like an angel coming right from heaven she aims at the heart of the listeners and within a few moments people become their fans.

The first two albums, ‘Ceremonials’ and ‘Lungs’ are filled with songs that became timeless classics and therefore the third album was much anticipated by fans and critics.

Like the others it contains a lot of musical fairy dust that the fans have heard already. Taking in a new producer and changing the tune a bit was surely a difficult decision but the result can be heard in every song. Radio friendly is one of those words that can be used here and going slightly new ways another. Still you recognise this being a Florence + The Machine album, with all the melodies, the sound and her voice becoming a trademark on its own.


The opener “Ship to Wreck” is a clear statement, a song that kinda rocks. The following “What kind of Man” may start on a quiet note but becomes more within mere moments, this goes for all the songs on this album. Within many songs the change of speed, the theme or the tune if you prefer changes without breaking the song. Like all the songs before they feel perfectly played, lime you wouldn’t wanna have them any different. 

So far, after listening to the album for some time there was no hook, no song that stayed in the ear but maybe this album has to “mature” like wine sometimes does. After all, it is a good one, one that is worth buying, either you’re fan already or you just like this kind of music.

Start with “What Kind of Man, continue with “Delilah” and end it with “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” if you never heard about Florence + The Machine before, this three songs give you enough information wether you like the album and even if you like the music the band plays.

The band is on Tour next year, something worth watching, especially because it is said that they are amazing live.


Florence + The Machine website

Florence + The Machine on

Florence + The Machine on wikipedia


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