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In September this year the sequel to the much beloved Hotel Transylvania arrived in cinemas near you. I kinda watched and I felt a bit disappointed at first but like good wine it has the chance of getting better. A few days ago I was asked when this movie will arrive on DVD or Blue Ray and we talked about some scenes of the movie. While talking and sharing some of the finest scenes we laughed and enjoyed talking about it. I thought about it why did have the feeling that it wasn’t that good.

And after we went separate ways again and I was thinking about this movie – there it was, very obvious indeed. There was no story!

We left the first movie with the perfect ending to a strange love story between a vampire girl and a human boy. From this point on the sequel went the next logical step – the newborn child of this partnership. We see the happy couple, a proud vampire-grandaddy and the hilarious and strange friends of the family. It feels like “Father of the Bride” all over again. The movie also centres very much on the wish of Grandaddy Dracula that his grandson will show his fangs very soon. When he successfully persuades his daughter of visiting the human parents he gathers his friends to show his grandson how to be scary.

That this doesn’t work out is main part of the fun. Furthermore when everything is very close to family & relationship escalation Dracula’s father appears on the scenery and … oh, go and look for itself. Mel Brooks is quite fitting in this role, and again I told too much already.

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So, looking back on this one, this Family-Monster-Mix Up – what was the fun? The scenes with the human parents, with the monster friends and their interaction. When sitting at the table and  discussing family matters there it worked. Furthermore the scenes with the friends, when you look at Blobby, Frank, Wayne, Murray and Griffin who support Dracula in showing what a monster should do – even when they all fail because they got rusty over the years. Not so shocking anymore.

Maybe not much fun when you look at the story but fun to watch when you just enjoy the scenes with family and friends. Filled with gags and funny moments – ones worth remembering. Apart from that listen closely to the voices, Fran Drescher, Steve Buscemi and Kevin James among many others are amazing additions to the main cast which are spoken by Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg & Selena Gomez.

One of the funny running gags was about Griffin, the invisible man who – during the movie – told the others about having an invisible girlfriend. Nice one!

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