Hello World! I want to be your friend.


Some years ago I heard the rumours about a a small robot which will have some abilities which will help you in your household. A robot called Jibo and I got curious, especially after I visited the homepage and watched the video.

To be honest – it doesn’t feel like much, most of the things can be accomplished by combining some of the gadgets that already exist today, especially your smart phone. But, and this is a big “but” – the idea is to have it all in one tool, in one little robot called Jibo.

Within the video we get some possibilities shown, how Jibo accompanies a party an shoots a photos of the guests due to an command via audio. We later see someone arriving home from work, being greeted from Jibo and informed how many calls may have been missed or which messages arrived and even orders the usual dish if wanted. All this and more is possible today and can be done with the smartphone in your pocket.

So, what’s the deal – where is the difference and what’s the buzz all about?

Mainly – from my point of view – it is a huge one, it is a social aspect. This robot not only combines all the possibilities that are mentioned above and more but he/she also shows some personality. This – for me anyway – is a huge step, now it gets personal.

To be a little more specific and – in this case – personal. My grandmother, aged 94 years lives at my place, too. Between my lectures I care a bit for her, help and support whenever necessary. Most of the time she takes care for herself, still being capable of managing daily business but what she really lost is a bit of social contact and interaction with some technical gadgets. The handling of TV, Phone and some kitchen equipment sometimes is not that easy. She wants to be autonomous and I believe that this is keeping her up and young. Furthermore she is interested in what technology offers nowadays but it’s very difficult for her to work with those things. In case of having a robot like Jibo at home would be much of a help in this case.

For example:
..she wants to call someone, she just says who she wants to talk to; or when I try to reach her and can’t because she doesn’t hear the ringtune I may be able to reach Jibo and ask if I can make visual contact to find out if everything’s still fine.
And another thing is that Jibo answers her and gives her feedback in case something doesn’t work the way she expected it to.
It astounds me each day what simple things may be difficult for someone her age.

Therefore I can imagine how this robot may change your life, not only for people like my grandmother but also for kids and for people who want to make their daily life easier.

And yes, there is some resemblance with the movie Her (2013) and if it would be possible I would choose the voice of Scarlett Johansson for sure.

This idea of having a robot like Jibo in my home, connected to my WiFi and being reachable for me, used to my voice or someone living in the same household and reacting to voice commands kinda grew on me and I get curious each day.

Jibo Website

Jibo & CloudKid

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