Quiet is still the new Loud


Thanks to the Rolling Stone Magazine I discovered the new album from Kurt Vile. They had a short article about the best albums of 2015 and his album was placed on Number 19.

Not that they gave him much credit, but still it made me curious and please do not judge me but I haven’t heard from Kurt Vile before.

An introspective guitar hero turns his couch musings into stoner-folk magic.
– Rolling Stone, December 17, 2015, Issue 1250/1251

Further thanks go to the 21st century – in earlier times you would’ve walked to the next record store, asked for the album. In our case it wouldn’t be available and you had to order it. Instead you go to one of the digital music stores – in this case iTunes – and buy and download it the second you found it. Advantages and disadvantages of living in those times.

After listening to it a couple of times and rating the songs I can say that Rolling Stone should give him more space next time. The album is very fine, I immediately liked songs like Pretty Pimpin’, Dust Bunnies and I’m an Outlaw. Each one of them arranged to sound if Indie Guitar Sound meets a Melancholy Stoner Drums. The whole album is very smooth, filled with light-footed melodies, some street-smart lyrics, played on guitar and piano among others. Those are the things I like.

I even made some investigations and found out that his breakthrough album was published two years ago. This I plan to buy on vinyl, in the end this is the medium I love the most and if the album is close to this one in any way it’s worth buying.


Kurt Vile at allmusic.com

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