The strange world of Mrs. Jones!


Wow, right after Daredevil left the small screen Jessica Jones appeared. One of those Marvel Comic Characters that is not your typical “let’s get dressed and have a secret identity superhero”. Instead we get the story of an abused, mistreated and unhappy-with-life Character that struggles with life.

Jeri Hogarth: You’re coming across as paranoid.
Jessica Jones: Everyone keeps saying that. It must be a conspiracy.

The story starts with the introduction of Jessica and her PI activities. Within the first episode she receives a visit from a couple in search for their daughter. During this story she manages to find her in the grip of someone Jessica met in the past. A powerful and ruthless character who has the ability to make people do what he says. Jessica was one of his victims, one of his companions who managed to escape. In the end of the first episode she finds their daughter and brings the family happily together – or so she thought. In the elevator – on the way down to the lobby – she takes out a gun and shoots her parents. Why? Because the man called Kilgrave told her to do so.

From this point on we see Jessica working hard on saving the girl’s life, finding evidence that in reality Kilgrave was the one who did this. During this journey we meet Trish Walker, the friend she grew up with, Jeri Hogarth, a lawyer who is giving her jobs and Luke Cage who runs a bar and meets Jessica during one of her investigations.

The story focusses on the conflict, the love interest between Jessica and Kilgrave and this is amazingly well played. Director, storytellers and actors are amazing in breathing life into this complex story. We see and more often feel the characters, their emotions and what they went through. Those are not black-and-white scenarios we are talking, this is so much more. Sometimes it gets too gritty, too dark but stills feel real.

Apart from that the side characters and their ways are also treated with the most respect available, we get a lot of Trish Walker, Jeri Hogarth and Luke Cage – we even learn a lot about the neighbours of Jessica, they are people with real life, worries and troubles.

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During the whole run I was entertained, there was suspense beyond words and episodes that were filled with moments which I thought wouldn’t be possible on the small screen by handling with topics like abuse, mistreat

I also love how the whole season was directed, the main storyline was more important than telling a story in each episode. I would divide this season in three main chapters. First we get some information about characters and backgrounds, things start to get in motion. Second the conflict between Jessica and Kilgrave finds a highpoint by meeting and each of them trying to outsmart the other. Third the conflict is done, there is only war and revenge anymore. One trying to become more powerful and the other just looking for revenge.

Even the end was something that was perfectly well done, with the feeling that this could be it, that now it’s over … only with a small view of things that may come. And this small things may lead to a strong second season where some characters like Trish Walker, Luke Cage and Will Simpson may have more important roles.

Furthermore I want to stress out that Krysten Ritter and David Tennant were great. Not only by playing their characters but also when they interacted, especially when they shared some screen time. There was a tension that is seldom to find. Krysten Ritter, I have seen her the first time in small roles in shows like Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls and liked her in both of them. She was your non-typical girlie character, complex and not easy to handle. David Tennant, I kinda discovered by playing the Tenth Doctor on the show Doctor Who. He was brilliant and in this very different role he showed what he is capable of. Playing a ruthless character who cannot really distinguish between what is good and what is bad.

This is a show that moved me a lot, the whole time I was looking on the screen and waiting for what may happen next. Thank you very much.

Jeri Hogarth: The real world is not about happy endings. It’s about taking the life you have, and fighting like hell to keep it.


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