It’s all about the Milk!



Fortunately … I love Comic Books, Fantasy Books, Sci Fi Stories, Faerie Tales and especially when they have a Timey Wimey twist, too.

Imagine a story that contains all those things and in addition is well told and the book has drawings from a very fine artist.

Imagine this book gets published and after reading it you can’t believe that it’s over already. You reached the end of the book? That can’t be possible. You reread it and you even like it more than before.

Imagine such a thing possible and it having the strange and totally misleading title “Fortunately the Milk”.

Imagine a family, a mother, a father and two kids. The mother being the organiser of the family, due to the fact that the father is not even capable of taking care of himself. One day she hast to leave for a couple of days, makes preparations that everything is in order and nothing has to be done additionally.

Unfortunately there was no Milk for the cereal so father decides to go to the shop to buy some Milk. Hours later the father returns and when the kids ask him what took him so long …

“I bought the milk, and I did indeed say a brief hello to Mister Ronson from over the road, who was buying a paper. I walked out of the corner shop, and heard something odd that seemed to be coming from above me. It was a noise like this: thummthumm.
I looked up and saw a huge silver disc hovering in the air above Marshall Road.”

Yeah, you got it right, Aliens appeared and kidnapped him. He tells his kids how he barely escaped – fortunately, he kept the milk tight – and came into contact with Pirates. They wanted to send him over the plank to feed the piranhas and – fortunately a ladder appeared from out of nowhere and the milk was pushed deep in the pocket of his coat.

From that point on things got weird – he tells that he met a Dinosaur Professor who travels in a Time Machine that looks like a hot-air balloon.

And if things weren’t already weird enough they landed on an island, in the middle of a jungle greeted by people who want to sacrifice them to their god by throwing them into a volcano. From this point onwards it gets Timey Wimey in addition, very Timey Wimey. During his story the kids regularly interrupt him not believing in his fairy tale but he manages to keep the suspense up and running.

It is a wonderfully crafted story and the combination of Neil Gaiman’s storytelling and Skottie Young’s illustrations works perfect. Something you may enjoy being a kid or an adult who kept the child within alive.



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