Irrational? Me? No!


Some days ago Woody Allen celebrated his 80th Birthday and we are happy that he is still producing movies. His latest piece is a successful mixture of love, crime and a bit of drama.

The story starts with Abe Lucas (Joaquin Phoenix), a philosophy professor who arrives at the university in New England to start his new job. He – being famous for his radical view and lifestyle – causes quite a buzz and it doesn’t get better when people start interacting with him. He is constantly drunk and quite open with his views on philosophy, society and politics.

Professor #1: I hear Abe Lucas is going to be joining the faculty this summer.
Professor #2: Really? That should put some Viagra into the philosophy department.

In quite a short time he builds a close friendship with Jill Pollard (Emma Stone), a beautiful young student who adores him and his works. Another woman – the wife of one of the professors – also shows her interest  in him. Unfortunately he is not able to perform because he kinda lost interest in live, he lost too many battles and thinks that he cannot contribute anything important to life. This all changes when Jill and Abe listen to a talk on the neighbouring table in a diner and learn about the story of a divorce and a partial judge. Abe decides to do something against it and from this point onward his life changes. He enjoys life again, starting an affair with both – the beautiful student and the wife of a colleague.

Woody Allen takes some pieces out of his well known movies, some characters he likes and builds a storyline of his own. This is not the typical Man meets Girl and gets a new perspective kind of story. There is some drama, some love and later in the movie there is crime, but go see for yourself what Woody has hidden up his sleeve.

Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone play the main characters and they are perfectly put in each scene. Joaquin shows us his best “bad professor” performance and Emma Stone is cute and adorable, it even feels like a fashion show sometimes where she appears on the screen wearing something new and different this time and wonderful fitting as well.

Abe: Life’s ironic isn’t it? One day a person has more complicated and unsolvable problems then in the batting of an eye, dark clouds part and you can enjoy a decent life again. It’s just astounding. I’m Abe Lucas. I’ve had many experiences and now a unique one. This was the meaningful act I was searching for.

This movie left you with the feeling of wanting to watch it again, I kinda liked it and it sure is one of those movies from Woody Allen that I will remember.

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