The End Of The World, again!

The Marvel Universe is changing and the World is at it’s end, again. First of all I haven’ t read the whole Secret Wars Saga only some issues so far. But I am aware that this caused some changes within the Marvel Universe, one of them is that some already known stories and characters can be shown in a different way.

The Universe was destroyed!

The Heroes of Earth-616 and Earth-1610
were powerless to save it!

Now, all that remains … is Battleworld:

A massive, Patchwork Planet composed of the Fragments of Worlds that
no longer exist, maintained by the Iron Will of its God and Master, Victor von Doom!

Each Region is a Domain unto itself!
This is the Story of one such domain.

Of all those stories this one caught my attention when the first issue arrived. I was a fan of the Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos relationship far before the story arrived on the big screen. Finding out that a Mini-Series will arrive and Thanos, the Infinity Gauntlet, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Novacorps will play major roles made me curious. After finishing the last issue of this five-issue-run I can tell you that I was not disappointed.

This story starts with a destroyed world, devastated and everything in ruins. We see a family – grandfather, father and two kids – who fight for survival in this brutal world where behind each corner some hungry bugs wait for them. The art and the storytelling gives each panel a special feeling, one that we may know from movies with similar themes. One night they – due to an attack by bugs – get separated. Some get lost, one finds one of the legendary Infinity Stones and the mother of the two kids appears, she being one member of the Nova Corps.
Furthermore – by the end of issue one – we see Thanos lurking in one of the buildings surely searching for all the Infinity Stones and already plotting an evil masterplan.

From this point onwards we follow the steps of this reunited family, on their way of gathering the Infinity Stones before the Mad Titan gets his hands on them. The story moves fast from one point to another and this may be tricky for some who are not used to the many characters that appear here. For me it was fun to read, to see the in total different situations, not knowing each other, not even recognising Thanos at first.

The strength of this story was that it was kept on a personal level, we get action packed panels but are also able to share some very personal moments. Those were the ones when they found something to eat and sit together or get lost and try to hide. They are humans with feelings and emotions within a cruel and devastated world.

One more thing – to bring an almighty artefact, a powerful evil villain and some super powered police force on the stage sometimes not the easiest task for keeping up the suspense, because it was seen too often. In this case it was done very well, the stones and their abilities were shown in a way that people who are new to their story found their way through the action. I kinda hope that this will be solved in a similar way – or even better – in the upcoming Marvel Movies where we will meet Thanos and the Infinty Stones.

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