The Long Way Home



So, here we are, New Who has reached it’s 9th Season with the 12th Doctor and Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez and Jenna Coleman on board.

We left Season 8 with the feeling that Gallifrey is back, which in my opinion was a great thing. When I started watching some of the classic episodes I liked the ones where the Time Lords were playing a part. Especially in those episodes with the 4th Doctor where for some time a Time Lady even accompanied him and I kinda miss that. I loved that there was a companion who was one the same level or on the same page as the Doctor. Don’t get me wrong, there were companions before and after that who were able to stand up before him but in the end they were human.

Furthermore I got goosebumps when I watched the first appearance of the Time Lords in the of the era of the 2nd Doctor. This was amazing.

So, I got curious – will we see Gallifrey, will we meet Time Lords again and how will they feel when they meet the Doctor again. This had so much potential of becoming a huge season arc and after watching some of the episodes of the 9th Season I was convinced that this will be part of a later season.

The Magician’s Apprentice & The Witch’s Familiar

What a season opener the storyline of those two episodes was. I loved how Missy appeared in the first episode and her meeting with Clara was filled with suspense. Michelle Gomez and Jenna Coleman are two people you don’t want to play poker with. In this very story Missy is not the main character, not even the evil villain we believed her to be. This title goes to Davros and the end of the first episode gave me the creeps. To see the Doctor meeting Davros in his early age took me back to the 4th Doctor and his meetings with the Daleks, where the conflict of interaction was a regular theme within the stories. This time it gets personal, Davros owes his life to the Doctor and even more he became what he is because of the interaction of the Doctor. Cause and Effect in its purest form.

Under The Lake & Before The Flood

I love a good “underwater” story, where you have some people caged in a facility and a crisis happened or is happening now. We had some of those episodes in Classic and in New Who already, this time we have a slight twist. Ghosts of already dead people are appearing and trying to make contact and to find out what this may be they have to travel back in time. Same place but different time and where the first episode was filled with suspense and horror, the second one is even a bit more terrifying and has a timey-wimey plot in addition.

The Girl Who Died & The Woman Who Lived

Wow, that was a difficult one – as the titles suggest it is about a girl which later becomes a woman. Okay, I said too much already. To tell the main storyline here is kinda spoiling too much – but honestly the story of each episode felt kinda flaw.
The first one was at least entertaining and filled with scenes that were fun to watch but the second one was not even working apart from the overall story. Unfortunately both episodes are necessary to watch because they are quite important for the whole season.

The Zygon Invasion & The Zygon Inversion

The rumour that Osgood will back was enough for me to be curious about this story in advance and it continues right after the events of the last Zygon attack on earth where in the end a treaty was established and 20 million Zygons were allowed to live among humans. The following story of this two-parter is about those who are not happy with the situation of not being themselves and were fighting like terrorists to win their cause.
The whole story fit perfectly in the situation nowadays and was well told, it gave me quite the creeps in some scenes because it played it’s cards so amazingly well. Especially the moment where we find out that Clara … okay, I’ll leave you with that. Go, see for yourself. It’s great.

Sleep No More & Face The Raven

Sleep No More was one of the few single episodes, one that was broadcast during the Doctor Who Festival. It was one episode that left many people completely puzzled and I understand them. I was one of them, it made my head spin round and I had to watch it again and still don’t get it and the problem was not to understand the story, in the end many points of the story became clear but the why left me in the open.

Face the Raven in comparison was clear, the Doctor gets a call for help, travels to London and is confronted with a mystery to solve. Here we even meet again The Girl that Died / The Woman That Lived and this time their meeting ends very personally.

Heaven Sent & Hell Bent

In case you haven’t seen it – Stop right here – don’t read any further. Please. All the previous episodes can be enjoyed with knowing a little but this time … it’s different.

So, the Girl that cannot die tricked him because someone ordered her to do so and he gets transported in a castle. A castle which is filled with traps and a monster that is trying to kill him. The first half of Heaven Sent we see the Doctor solving one riddle after the other until he finds the passageway, which unfortunately is blocked. He finds out that he is trapped not only i castle but also within a time loop, which means that he cannot die here, he has to relieve each time the same way of solving the riddles. Long story short – he manages to break the obstacle and walks through the passageway where he finds Gallifrey. By the way – I loved those moments where he went into his mind to meet Clara and ask her for help and support and the communication worked via a chalkboard. What a wonderful idea.

Believe me when I say that I was right there at the Doctor Who Festival listening to the people on stage answering one question after the other and being frankly open about a few things and I was connvinced that we will see a spark of Gallifrey somewhere within the 10th season. So sitting there by the end of Season 9 made me happy beyond words and I couldn’t wait for the finale.

Yesterday evening – there it was “Hell Bent”, the final conclusion and the return of Gallifrey and the Time Lords. It starts with the Doctor arriving at his old home, the barn which we’ve seen a couple of times now. There are some wonderful moments, some quirky dialogues but the main important thing that happens here is that … and in the end it made me cry.

Steven did it again, he is a magician of a storyteller, he shows you something that is obvious. He waves around with some funny stuff, makes some tricky gestures and in the end you get something completely different. This wraps more or less up what Hell bent did to me.

At the end of the episode we are not only left with the view of two Tardis flying into space but also getting a glimpse of what will happen at Christmas.

Wonderful! Amazing! That’s exactly why I became a fan of this show in the first place.

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