What is there behind the wall?


Once upon a time – during one of these family gatherings I met one of my cousins again and with tears of joy in her eyes she told me of a show she recently discovered. A show that is so great that I had to see it. No further words were necessary and I started with the show right afterwards.

The story starts with two boys named Wirt and Greg who wander through a dark forest. The forest is called “The Unknown” and the boys are trying to find their way home. In their company there is a nameless frog and a bluebird called Beatrice. Their journey together leads to many people, creatures and strange events. Each of the ten episodes take about 11 minutes of your time and believe me when I tell you that they are filled with adventure, a bit of thrill, a bit of horror and a lot of fun. Amazing what the producers and authors accomplished here. It reminds of so many things but completely stands on his own feet, there are moments where it feels like a chapter from Pinocchio, others feel like you’re part of a Paul McCartney song and others give you the creeps like only Hayao Miyazaki is able to direct. The style itself is a mixture of many classic animated stories with a touch of modern storytelling and drawing.


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Apart from the story what more fascinated me were the voices. While watching the first episode I was not aware who is talking and I got curious because they sounded so very familiar to me. I was totally surprised to find actors like Elijah Wood, Christopher Lloyd, John Cleese, Tim Curry, Chris Isaak among many other talented.

The journey of the two boys moved me and in the end some secrets will be revealed and only a few may have seen that coming. Be warned, dear viewer – many things are not what they seem to be.

What’s more to discover – there is also a comic book series on which I didn’t try to get my hands on – so far – maybe I will but for now I am waiting for a second season. My hopes are still high that this will hit the small screen eventually.

Over the Garden Wall wiki

Over the Garden Wall on imdb.com

Over the Garden Wall on wikipedia


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