There was this time, one time .. in Camp Bloodbath

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Being quite a fan of all the good and bad Slasher Movies, from the 70s until today – from John Carpenter’s “Halloween“, Sean S. Cunninghams “Friday the 13th” and the later Wes Cravens “A Nightmare on Elm Street” – I got curious when a friend told me that there is actual a funny adaptation which includes a lot of references. She told me that it is one of those funny movies which got it right.

A few days later I watched it and yeah, she was right – this movie mainly focusses on the Friday the 13th Myth but also takes elements from other movies. There is even the moment where the main characters enter the movie by walking through the screen in the cinema. A twist that changes the scope of this movie and the writers use that in more than one situation to make a scene hilarious funny.

First of all the story – it’s about a girl called Max, whose mother got famous for a role in a slasher movie titled “Camp Bloodbath”. After an audition where she picks up her mother they get in a car accident and her mother dies. Three years later she gets invited to a special double feature showing Camp Bloodbath and the sequel. She agrees to attend this event and during the film a fire breaks out and Max and her friends try to escape the fire by jumping behind the screen. Unfortunately they land in the movie and meet the cast and also Max’s mother. From this point onward “crazy” things start to happen, the writers use some good ol’ movie-within-movie jokes but the strength here is that they mix it with the slasher genre and go some new ways. Like Woody Allen’s “The Purple Rose of Cairo” and Gary Ross’s “Pleasantville” we see people coming in contact with a different world, learning their rules and using the knowledge they may have from the other side of the world.

So, overall, this is an entertaining Slasher-Comedy, one of those filled with references, jokes and some fine moments.

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