Vienna Comic Conventions


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For some years now we have the Vienna Comix that organises Comic Conventions in Vienna. The quality of those events got better each time. Over the years they managed to bring even some international stars to Vienna.

This year – for the very first time – reed Pop, an international company launched the first Comic Convention in Vienna by May 2015 and last weekend was the moment of truth. Will it keep its promises, will it be comparable to his bigger siblings in the US Market or will it fail? The weeks and months that followed to the announcement in may were filled with hope and a lot of disappointment from the side of the interested fans. Many rumours came into existence that this will be a complete failure. Nevertheless we decided to buy tickets and planned to attend the Vienna Comic Con.

Last week we arrived one hour after they opened the doors, picked up our festival lanyards, went to the coat racks and entered the main hall, where we were greeted by a huge model of a T-Fighter from Star Wars. So, the first impression was a nice one. Right afterwards I met my cousin with some her friends and started our tour through the main hall and some of the other areas close by.

The main hall had the main partners, an artist alley, a panel area, meet & greet with some artists and actors, some local business partners, some small shops and even some special ones like a group of people that worked on the production of a local TV show. On a regular level we were able to see some presentations on stage, some lightsaber shows. We also went to the theatre hall where the bigger panels like the one for Game Of Thrones were held but unfortunately we came to late and no place was available any more.
What I liked most:

  • Welcome Ritual at the entrance & the orientation at the place itself, everything was labelled perfectly and easy to find,
  • visibility,
  • the special guests themselves were sympathetic and
  • the Cosplayers were amazing.

What I disliked, what can be improved next time:

  • More and detailed information in advance,
  • some of the exhibitors within the main hall were playing their music too loud and furthermore
  • some other slightly different exhibitors next time.

Overall I can say that  – for the first event in this series – I liked it, it had a flair of international content, it was well organised and made a lot of fun. Looking forward to the next Comic Convention Next Year!

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Vienna Comic Con Website
reed Pop Website

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