The Countdown is over, the music is on


The Foo Fighters – one of those bands you kinda learn to love, it doesn’t matter if  you like or dislike their music. I seems that nowadays there is now way around them. When it was announced that they are going to play a gig in the Wiener Stadthalle, a concert venue in Vienna which is quite a big one for Austria I was convinced that getting some tickets will not be an issue. The start of the ticket sale proved me wrong, within minutes most of the tickets were sold, especially the ones on the ground floor. I was completely puzzled when it happened and lost, too.

The Countdown that had been started some weeks ago on the website of the band is over and the secret is out there. It’s a new EP, a collection of songs that were planned to be released after their world tour. To give something to the fans, a present – that was the intention of this EP. It kinda collided with the events in Paris and a letter accompanies the songs. A letter that

Track List:

  1. Saint Cecilia
  2. Sean
  3. Savior Breath
  4. Iron Rooster
  5. The Neverending Sigh

My personal favourite songs from this EP are Saint Cecilia, The Neverending Sigh and Iron Rooster. Especially the later one is one of those songs that feel a bit dull at first but when you listen to the song and the lyrics you kinda get hooked. It happened it my case, anyway.

Apart from all that – the fact that this album is available for free via many online platforms brings out it’s own discussion. In times like these where many musicians, many artists struggle to make a living with their work the big players in the field offer their work for free. Like the incident with U2 some time ago this one too started the discussion about where the industry will be heading and how the independent artists will survive in the future. From my humble point of view there is no easy answer to this question. At the moment there are many things happening that are connected to this question, the fall of the CD the rise of Vinyl, the developments with Spotify and Apple Music. I plan to gather the facts, the developments of the past few weeks and will write my opinion or my findings in one of the future articles.

For the moment I am grateful for what Dave and his friends gave us, this letter and this album. Thank you! 🙂


Saint Cecilia EP Download

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