When you got lost, try the key.


Last weekend I went through my DVD collection – just out of curiosity and because there was nothing interesting on TV – and found a gem that got kinda lost between “Spitting Image” and “Third Rock from the Sun”.

In this very case “lost” is quite fitting and I revisited this six hour mini series. Then and now the very first scene gave me goosebumps, the moment where the viewer sees one of the main objects – the key – in action. I love how they produced, how they made the story.

The Room is the nonexistent Room 10 at the abandoned Sunshine Motel outside Gallup, New Mexico. At 1:20:44 p.m. on May 4, 1961, something happened at the site of the Room that erased it and all its contents. This is referred to as “the Event” or “the Incident”, and is thought to be the reason for the unusual properties of the Room and the Objects from within it. At the time of the Event, the motel was in serviceable condition, but after the event no-one remembers that a tenth room ever existed. One of the Objects, the undeveloped Polaroid picture, allows a person to view the tenth room as it was at the time of the Event by standing at its current vacant location at the Sunshine Motel ruins.
From the Wikipedia entry, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lost_Room

Mainly this story is about a room that got lost due to an incident, this room can only be entered with one key and the objects that were in this room are artefacts where each object has special “functions”.

Somehow it didn’t sound much from the very beginning but the writers managed to keep the suspense high and move you through the story by finding one object after the other and meeting one interested party after the other.


In the time of its’ release it was confronted with quite mixed reviews, some good, some bad and some confused. Believe me when I say that I am with the later ones, but kinda growing up with TV shows like Twin Peaks helped a lot. Therefore I was quite happy with this attempt on storytelling. Honestly, it didn’t scratch on the surface that was the strange story and character design of Twin Peaks.

In the meantime TV shows like Lost and Warehouse 13 became famous and maybe it’s time to revisit this little gem and give it a chance once more. The idea of wrapping up the story in form of comic book and maybe continuing it this way would be great. It kinda worked with Buffy and sure helps Firefly to stay alive.

The end of the last episode left me a bit unsatisfied, the main questions were answered but so many questions were left open. There are so many stories to tell, so many ways to go for the characters, I still love the idea of this “lost room” and all his strange objects and I have to admit that it haunts me since. Maybe a collection of short stories, each one focussed on one of the objects and how it got found and used.

The Lost Room Wikipedia

The Lost Room imdb.com

The Lost Room tv.com

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