How to get away with weird?

Some days ago it was announced that Felicia Day becomes the next mad for MST3K (Mystery Science Theatre 3000)  and I am quite happy for her. I have been following her career since she first appeared on TV (in my case it was Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and what a career it was so far. From being a small actor, she became a You Tube web series producer in times where only a few were aware that You Tube not only contains a collection of funny cat videos – and became famous by doing so. With all the experience she made with this work she founded a company named Geek and Sundry and produced a lot of other web series about gaming, shows and much more. Things and Topic that move a lot of people, me included. Furthermore she appeared in TV shows like Eureka and Supernatural by playing characters that somehow became more important from episode to episode thanks to her way of acting. It was often quite obvious that a part of her personality went into character design and believe me – in that very case it is a good thing.

So, Felicia Day wrote a book – a memoir – about her life, from childhood, being a teenager, an adult, learning to cope with the world until her situation nowadays. First of all – this is not a guidebook for people who want to know more about how the internet works. This is a very personal book by a person who stumbled upon the Internet and You Tube especially on her way to find something she can work with. To really enjoy this book you have to find out more about Felicia Day, the Person, the Girl, the Woman, the Geek, the Nerd, the Actress, the Producer and her works so far. To visit some of the links below surely helps.

The first half of the book is about her family, her life and how she grew up. She describes her teenage life and how she started to discover things she liked, and they were not the typical girly things. In those times she was one of the very few girls who loved computers, gaming and the later fascination of all things concerning the internet. She describes those things and you can feel the passion and the wonder she must have had in those times. If you are a fan of her work so far you may fall in love with her by reading those pages. So be warned.

The second half shows her struggling with the adult world, finding her talents and especially finding a job that fits. We – the reader – find out how hard it was for her and how the idea of producing the web series “The Guild” came into her mind. We get a good look behind the curtains, she continues to give us very personal insights about what happened in the backstage area. We learn about the fun parts and about the difficult and very struggling parts – especially when you have to interact or even lead a group of people to reach the goal. This second half also includes a chapter of her life I wasn’t even aware of – living here in Europe (especially in Austria) somehow helps not getting all the “things” that happen in the internet. So, reading about what happened then and what it caused reminds me a lot about what is going on with the refugee crisis in Europe, maybe on a different scale but still the negativity is there. By reading what happened to her, how it influenced her life – this made my cry, cry because I still can’t imagine what people are capable of and how much hate is dwelling in some of them. So, to state your personal opinion and your thoughts very publicly made her my hero. You get the picture not only of a famous person, you get a picture of a person with feelings. Here she opened herself even more to the reader than she did in the first half of the book. If you are a fan of her as a person you may fall in love with her by reading this part of the book. So be warned, again.

To conclude – it is a book to read, but you may not enjoy it that much when you are a not aware of her as a person or her works. Anyway – this is somehow also noted in the first chapter of her book where she describes a scene in a mall where she got recognised and also in a weird kind of way also not recognised. In days like these Fame can happen to anyone.

Felicia Day Official Website

Felicia Day Twitter

Felicia Day You Tube

Geek and Sundry

Felicia Day Wikipedia

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