Dear America, your agents gone awol, again.


Here we go again, somewhere in the middle of nowhere we watch a couple of typical misfits, Mike (Jesse Eisenberg) and Phoebe (Kristen Stewart) living together in a small house of an american city. Both having their typical small routine-jobs and dreams. One day they are packing their luggage to go on their way to the airport. Unfortunately – it happens again – Mike cannot board the airplane, due to his anxiety. Quite frustrated they head home to their usual – and so it seems boring – life

That’s how the movie starts and we – the viewer – already knows that there is more to this couple than this. We are confronted with a secret governmental project and the mission that Mike should be killed. During the movie learn more about the secret project Mike was involved in, and how the visit from a CIA agent (Connie Britton) activates his memories (first the instinct, the rest follows during the movie). One by one they send agents after Mike to get him killed, all failing hilariously.

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The story evolves in wonderful funny and entertaining way, from the very quite beginning, the secret government agents scenes and the action gets more and more hilarious due to the effect that Mike starts to remember his abilities even more.

There are two running gags I really loved. For one thing Mike is working on a superhero comic book having a superhero monkey in the title role. All the things the monkey does on appear are kinda happening later on. Somehow his subconsciousness tried to break out by making him draw this things. Jesse Eisenberg is amazingly funny by playing this strange nerd/super agent character.

The other thing is that from the very beginning Mike wants to propose to Phoebe and is waiting for the right moment. Each and every time he gets the ring out of his pocket looks at it and puts it back – until – the very end and the scene where he believes that this is the right moment is wonderful.

American Ultra

Jesse Eisenberg

Kristen Stewart


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