Welcome to Monster Island


Some months ago I found in the actual Previews the information that Zander Cannon will publish a new series via ONIPRESS  – a series called Kaijumax. Knowing him from his early works, especially since “The Replacement God” I immediately ordered it. I loved “The Replacement God”, even wrote a letter which got published in one of the issues.

In the meantime five issues arrived at my home and I just finished the last one and I have to say – it’s great. The story so far is like “Orange is the new Black meets the World of Monsters”. On the very first pages we see the world through one of the Japanese Monsters eyes which got captured recently and is on the way to this prison island. Zander quickly introduces us – through the view of Electrogor, who is our main character in the beginning – to the other inmates, the powers that be, the prison system itself and how they get captured in the first place. Everything here reminded me a lot to any good (or even) bad prison movie, the idea of making this with mega-sized monsters of japanese movies works great thanks to Zander Cannons artwork and storytelling.

So far – we’ve learned that the other inmates are afraid, brutal, cruel,  organized, smuggle and make deals with one of the guards. There is also enough place for corruption, drama and even a strange love story. It is filled with many elements that sometimes you wonder what may happen next. My favorite one is the one with the monster child who seems to have an imaginary friend, a human child that only he can see and acts very weird. Wonder how that will turn out.

Furthermore I have to admit that I only know about the most famous representatives of Japanese monster movies therefore I am quite thankful for the Kaijumail section, the Kaiju Movie Capsule Review and the Kaiju Rekwests – they help a lot to find your way into this universe and may get some references, which are easy to guess for fans of this genre but still difficult for me.

I read that there is also audio commentary provided by Zander Cannon for each issue – it can be found on the Kaijumax website after each is issue is published. This surely is something I am looking forward to – just curious what else I may have missed.

The first six issues are planned to be something like a first season of the storyline. After having read the fifth issue I have to admit that I am quite curious about the upcoming one.

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