A Day with the Doctor and his friends


Saturday, 21st of November 2015, we attended the Doctor Who Festival at the London ExCel. For me it was the third time that I took part in such an event, first it was the Doctor Who Convention (Cardiff Millenium, March 2012) and second time was the Doctor Who Official 50th Celebration (London ExCel, November 2013. So far each and every event was great, similar in all the great things and different in all the things that could be improved. Honestly each event was a little better than the previous one, even the small things count.

This time my own curiosity was not comparable to earlier times but the nervousness of the person which accompanied me reminded me of my first time. This kinda made me a bit jumpy, too.


We arrived at about 10 am and strolled around in the hall where the merchandise stores, production village, iconic sets, some panels and more was provided to get discovered by the guests. Everything was perfect and I kinda liked the iconic sets, especially Clara’s room very much.

Main Theatre Shows

There were three main shows during the day, titled “Meet The Cast”, “Meet The Writers” and “Millenium FX Show with Special Guest, Mark Gatiss”. Each show happened in a “theatre” and we – the audience – got the opportunity to meet the writers, the actors, some sfx specialists and also Steven Moffat, the show runner himself. He was the one that kinda surprised me the most – I remember him well from 2012 and he became kinda chatty. It was great to see how he reacts to the audience, how he answers questions from the interviewer and people from the audience with joy, especially some of them with jokes.

Apart from that we met Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez & Ingrid Oliver on the stage and it was fun to watch. Jenna was in the situation of being the bad guy here – due to that she is going to leave the show by the end of Season 9. May it be writers or actors – we got the feeling how they work together, how they accomplish that each season is coming to the small screen like this, with stories that are entertaining, frightening or full of funny moments.

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Photograph Opportunity – Michelle Gomez

Furthermore we decided to take the opportunity and make a photo with Michelle Gomez. It was located on Level 3 and the queue moved quite fast, we saw Michelle Gomez in action with the people who were there in front of us and it was fun to watch. We became curious – should we also do something special or should we just stand there and look strange? Quite spontaneous – we decided for the later. Michelle was awesome – she can move from face to another in an instant – and by doing that during the photo shot she surprised us.

By the end of the day we were happy – for me it was the third time and this time I decided that in case of a fourth opportunity I will be there.

Dear BBC, Dear hard-working people who keep the show alive – Thank You very much – it was great, we had a lot of fun and enjoyed the whole day.


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