You’re the Greatest!


Some weeks ago a dream came true – a dream in which I attend a live concert by Cat Power. This was kinda special due to the fact that some years ago – in the springtime of 2008 – she planned to play on a festival in my hometown. It was the Donaufestival Krems, and I was very excited – I had some of her albums and loved her works. Unfortunately she had problems with her voice and the gig was cancelled – the Melvins were the ones who played instead.

Since then I followed the news to see if she may be playing again somewhere close and I got lucky. FM4 announced that within her series “Indiekiste” there will be a live gig starring Cat Power – in the very second I read this online I bought a ticket for myself, not waiting, not asking if anybody would accompany in fear that this gig may be sold out in the meantime.

I arrived quite early at the location – the Arena Vienna – nervous like a little boy. The place was nearly empty and I decided to go for a beer and wait, walked around a bit in search for the perfect place to enjoy the upcoming concert. Just so you know – this place may be small but it offers a second floor and there – on a gallery I took place and right on time Chan Marshall appeared on the stage.

She was alone, no band accompanied her and on guitar and on piano she played one song after the other. She moved from her classics to some new material and back agin, filled some moments with her well known cover versions and each one sounded amazing. Everything felt fresh and In my mind I  was right there in 2008, another place and another time.

Between some songs she talked directly t the audience, telling some personal stuff about her life, her family and in what she beliefs right now.


Somewhere in the middle of the gig she lost her voice a little bit, asked for a cigarette and a break and talked to us for quite some time. The audience loved this very moment – it doesn’t happen very often that a crowd of people who came for the music stayed quite only to listen to someone sitting on a stage and talking to them. In this very case – due to her charisma, her way of talking – she became more than an artist on a stage, she became a friend. Especially in this very moment – when she told that she would love to live on a farm, a quite place in the nature, surrounded by woods and beautiful fields, with her family – and asked if anyone in the audience knows such a place.

On one side she played for quite some time, longer than expected but in the end it could’ve lasted much longer and the audience would have stayed there like forever.

It was one of those very magical moments where you don’t want to leave and don’t want the person on the stage to stop playing.

Thank You, Chan Marshall, You’re the Greatest.


Cat Power Music

Cat Power (Wikipedia)

Flickr Album (Cat Power Concert Vienna 2015)

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