Dear News, where were you last week?


Many years ago I was no fan of American Talk Shows – until I found out about people like Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Fallon and the SNL Weekend Update by Seth Meyers and Cecily Strong  – people who talk about different topics without restrictions, or so it seems. In case of SNL it surely is part of the program to present the News from last week with a sarcastic or ironic subtext. In case of Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon it is part of the opener where they pick an actual topic and present their thoughts to the audience. Sometimes politics, sometimes, society and most of the time just fun moments worth mentioning.

In case of John Oliver’s weekly News Update it’s a bit different. I’ve seen John Oliver the first time on the Show Community, where he played a teacher – one who is willing to sell his soul if the right price comes up, only working for his own amusement and advantage. He filled this character with a lot of British Humour, sarcastic and ironic.

When – in April 2014 – a weekly News show calles “Last Week Tonight” was started on HBO it was John Oliver who was taken for the role of the host. Since then – thanks to HBO – we are confronted with a very direct approach within News Media. Believe me – within this weekly format you hear expressions that other channels may not be allowed to bring up. The topics are often the same and they have not been better researched but the presentation is something that actual news reports are missing. I even dare to say that it goes beyond the SNL Weekend Update, mostly because he addresses the people directly.

One of my favourite topics was the one about Migrants and Refugees, where John Oliver talks about the actual situation in Europe.

Living here in Austria I am more than aware what is going on here – or so I believe. What John Oliver brings up ist the sight that you have when you’re not concerned directly but are aware of what it means. Funny thing is that he got more things right from my point of view than some local newspapers.

I am more than grateful for this Show, on a weekly level I follow it on You Tube and it gives me the creeps how often he is addressing topics in a very direct and sometimes brutal way.

Keep up the good work, Thank You and Good Evening.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Last Week Tonight (YouTube Channel)

Last Week Tonight (Wikipedia)

John Oliver (Wikipedia)

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