Charming, Beautiful and Colorful

Thanks to Titan Comics we are able to see the Eighth Doctor coming back to life within the pages of a comic book.

Eighth Doctor Cover

I started watching Doctor Who with the start of the Ninth Doctor, back in 2005 – and some episodes with the Fourth Doctor, especially the ones that got recommended to me, like City of Death, Destiny of the Daleks among many others. During me visiting the Classic Episodes (without any consideration of any chronological order) of Doctor Who I stumbled upon a movie within the gap between the Seventh and the Ninth Doctor, a movie that was produced in collaboration with a Studio in the USA. I got curious, not only because of this being a standalone movie, but also because Eric Roberts played the Master, an actor who can play an evil villain easily. I watched this movie in awe, the actors, especially Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann were great in their roles as The Doctor. Unfortunately the movie failed to become a success, in my humble opinion it lacked the main milestones of good and well written Doctor Who episodes. The story itself was not enough, It focussed more on bringing some action on the small screen than to move the audience and get it hooked upon the Universe of Doctor Who.

Fortunately for all of us Big Finish and Paul McGann managed to make Doctor Who famous again and thanks to them they brought us some great Audio Plays starring the Eighth Doctor (and many others in the meantime). I am on the very beginning of discovering the Universe which Big Finish built within our well known Whoniverse but so far I like them a lot and the prospect that we will see (or better “hear”) more of the Eighth Doctor in the Time War is making me curious.

But back to the comics, there were some appearances of the Eighth Doctor as comic book with DWM (Doctor Who Magazine) and even had his own series for some time. Still – having a Mini Series published by Titan Books who are doing a great job by publishing wonderful Stories with the Twelfth, the Eleventh, the Tenth, the Ninth and the Fourth Doctor (next year) makes it a bit special.
Who’s there?


This very first issue of a mini series starts by introducing a young woman, painting a picture in a small atelier of an old house. The Eighth Doctor appears, charming as ever and introduces himself in a wonderful irritating way by telling that this house once belonged to him, quite a long time ago and he returned for something special. In the moment of introduction something happens that catches the attention of the Doctor and the young woman. Strange creatures are running around in the village and are attacking people. It doesn’t take long and they find out that those creatures somehow fled from the paintings of the young woman and one thing leads to another.

The story is told in a very fast way, would it be a TV episode there wouldn’t be much time to take a breath. It feels very action packed, and the Doctor is always in the center of the scenery. By the way – this Doctor was for me always the most charming one, the one who was surrounded by the ladies not only because of his secret nature but also because he was nice and charming. His character evolves right into the Time War, which changes him a lot – we got a glimpse back in 2013 where Steven Moffat showed us the the end of the Eighth Doctor and the beginning of the War Doctor.
Here we see a still young and very fresh Eighth Doctor, wonderfully drawn, I like this style. The whole book – by the way – is very colourful and it fits perfectly to the atmosphere of the story and the future companion, kinda gives you the feeling of being inside a fairy tale.

Let’s see where this is heading – and for the moment I would love it even more that this will not only be a mini series but an ongoing one. One can still hope, can’t he?


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