Two Girls and Two Boys


Last week I had the opportunity to see the Band BOY in the Arena, Vienna. A band whose music I discovered somewhere in 2011 when her debut album “Mutual Friends” arrived. I bought their album and I immediately fell in love with the songs Little Numbers and Boris, it is a very beautiful mixture of melodic guitar tunes and pop music. The voices of the two girls in addition made it even better.

This year their second album “We were here” was published and it was also filled with some wonderful tunes. Personally I haven’t fallen in love the same way as the debut but I still like it very much. It is still rotating on my turntable. In addition the band decided to on tour again and this time I was fast enough to get a ticket.

The concert took place in the above mentioned Arena, which was a slaughterhouse many years ago. Over the years it became a cultural centre especially for concerts like these, I love the open air area very much.

As soon as the hall was filled with fans one of the girls arrived on the stage and announced the opening act, the band Husky. The band consists of two guys, coming from Australia, playing guitar and keyboard. It was soon very obvious why they accompany BOY on their tour, they sound very similar. The whole time I was thinking that changing their band name during the tour into GIRL would be quite a nice gag. They left the stage after twenty minutes.

After a short break BOY appeared – and due to technical problems they did that for about three times – in the end it worked and the opener was working nice and smoothly. The girls were great and they played songs from both their albums, each one perfectly. The atmosphere in the audience was great – many songs were accompanied by the audience, singing the lyrics with the band on stage. This lead to some very beautiful moments, something that doesn’t happen that often and the band themselves were astonished.

Nearly 90 minutes lasted the whole session and in the end I left the hall with a smile on the face.



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