Be careful what you wish for or a twisted girl, some magical creatures and a Fairyland


After all those beautifully crafted, well scripted and often very wonderful painted stories of adventures in other countries or spheres we are confronted with a very colourful dark side of the typical fairytale. Skottie Young, the guy that delivered the tales of The Wizard of OZ at Marvel Comics for us readers, the one who nearly adapted every book of this series and stayed true to the original source material as good as possible decided to go dark this time.

Imagine the following – a cute little girl named Gertrude playing in her room with her toys, being a princess in her pink costume, having a small crown on her head and a wand and wishing herself in an amazing world full of wonders. Right after the thought her wish comes true and she falls into this world, is greeted by the Queen of the land and tells her what tasks she has to fulfill this wonderful and amazing fairyland.

Unfortunately …


… it takes her much longer then expected, and twenty-seven years later we see a completely crazy, twisted, brutal and cruel person trapped in the body of a little girl. She is still on the road looking for the artifacts and ingredients to be able to leave this place she – due to her travels – started to hate completely.

After killing the Moon with a canon.
Larry: That was a bit much.
Gertrude: He was rude.
Larry: And that was a proportional response?
Gertrude: I warned him.
Larry: Fair enough. But what about all these witnesses? Think they’ll be quiet?
Gertrude: Ugh, maybe, but why risk it? You drive …
Gertrude: .. I’ll shoot.

The main starting point reminds me a lot on the character in The Unwritten, who didn’t get killed but thrown into a children’s book filled with fluffy talking animals who spend their day time by talking about cute and funny topics, and being a brutal sociopath as he happens to be this is more or less like hell for him.

So, back to the tale – in the first book of I hate Fairyland we follow Gertrude and her companion Larry on her way, learn that the Queen is not amused with the activities of the little girl and an assassin is ordered to kill.

Skottie Young seems to be the perfect person to tell such a tale, he not only manages the contrast between the cute and funny-looking pictures which are filled with blood and gore but also fills it with references to many famous fairytales of the past. We – the readers – feel ourselves comfortable in this world where we are reminded of characters and situations right from Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz. Each panel, each page is hilarious, a fun to look at and a joy to read.

I am looking forward to the following issues and I very much hope that this book will get the attention it deserves – Skottie Young decided to publish this book in collaboration with Image Comics for a good reason.


Skottie Young’s Website

Image Comics

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