What If you had a Day on Mars?

TEDx Vienna Day on Mars

Gernot Grömer arrives on the stage and the first sentences he tells us will keep our attention during the whole talk.

I do believe that the person, the human being that will travel to Mars and will walk on the surface of Mars has already been born.
Here I have a small box that will be mandatory for our first voyage to Mars, but I will not tell right now what’s in it.

From that point on he tells us what Scientists know so far about this small planet, our closest neighbour. We here about the fact that Mars was surely once habitable, there were oceans and there was life. Life that may still exist in some other form maybe in caves, therefore to travel there and take look will offer us many chances and information beyond imagination.

During his talk he also tells us about their daily job at the moment, working with equipment, testing technical material to not only go there but also to stay there for a while and explore the world of our neighbour. He fills the talk with a lot of quirky and funny moments, their workload sure seems to be massive, running around in spacesuits far too heavy for the use on – usual gravity – earth, driving around in multimilliondollar-expensive cars and monitoring and improving every result they get out of it.

Imagine doing that for years and knowing, being aware of the situation that you will not be the one who goes there but building that for the following generation – for someone who is possibly born already but will enter school in a few years.

It made me wonder – shouldn’t we be doing that in other areas, too? Being more aware of doing things not only for us but also for our children or even for children of other families, or simply said for the human race, anyway? When Gernot continues with his anecdotes of getting your colleagues to know better than you want to by thinking about the travel time to Mars, caged within a small capsule, not having the possibility of not seeing the other one.

Curiosity arouse within me, not only about the topic itself but also where the human race may evolve while thinking more about itself than see the whole picture. In the end this was interrupted by the final speech from Gernot. He takes the box and tells us what’s in it – there is a small part of a meteorite where we know that it came from Mars. So, he tells us of his wish – that one day not only will there be a human being standing on the surface of Mars, but also that this person will reach into his pocket, take out the box, reach for the meteorite splitter, puts it on the floor and say’s “You’re at home.”

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