What if you could live a joyful and vibrant life at any time…?


It was a very moving moment when the appearance of Olga Murray was announced and she appeared on the stage. I was little prepared of what came next.

She was born in 1925, went to Nepal in 1984 and saw the situation of the families and especially the one of the children and decided to do something to help them. She was close to retirement when she decided to help and she refers to the situation we are facing nowadays and in the soon to be future. She refers to the number of people who go into retirement in Europe and the world, people who are still able to give the society so much, experience and knowledge at least. In her – very special case – she provided time, persistence and courage to change a drastic situation within a society. She broke a common habit that was supported by those who had the jobs and which suppressed others.

Giving is the New Getting.

This became her life motto during her work in Nepal, she tells us what moved and inspired her to keep her on this hard and difficult way. She stresses out that everybody should – one day do something similar – because she believes that to help, to volunteer is the perfect antidote for criticism and pessimism. The question each and every person should ask themselves are.

  • What keeps you awake at night?
  • What moves you?
  • What drives you?

Her talk was the most inspirational, it verified my beliefs in what makes a life important, not only to live in the moment but also to make something out of this life that counts. In the end everybody wants to take a look back and say “it was worth it”!

Olga Murray can look back to a life well lived, not only because she saved 12.000 girls in Nepal by breaking a common habit but also because she did something, she decided to focus her life on that. Whether if it’s family, private reasons, friends or for job-related reasons. You – as a human – decide what you want to do with your life and everybody can participate in change.

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