What if there was no advertising?


One of the things society and/or the people are not aware of ist the fact that everything has a prize. When you walk into a mall,  a supermarket, a book store or a record store and you receive a present from someone most of us do not care or even throw it away afterwards. How much the industry is calculating prizes and how many jobs depend on these activities is not even transparent for those who work in this field.

George Nimeh gives the audience with a few clips, slides and many words a very specific insight view of the world without advertisement. He takes us back into the first – quite clumsy – steps of the world wide web and its advertisement. He shows us the first banner (from 1994), shows us how the world would look like if there will be no advertisement any more and provides us with enough input to conclude by ourselves what consequences we will face if we continue on ignoring or even manage to get rid of ads and banners, whether it be offline in magazines and newspapers or online on websites.

First rule of Ad-Blocker,
You don’t talk about Ad-Blocker.

In the end – it seems – this world would completely change due to the fact that nobody wants to pay for information or for news anymore and we would live or more or less dwell in a society that gets everything for free.

During his speech he not only shows us pictures of a world wide web, websites without advertisements and places like Times Square in new York without the ads hanging on the walls but also refers to the so-called Flow Theory by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, something worth reading, it seems.

Parallel to this I want to mention Cory Doctorows book Information doesn’t want to be free, where this topic is also mentioned. The direction where Cory Doctorow is coming from is different to the one George Nimeh is coming from but the target ist still the same. We kinda have to rethink what we value now and what consequences ignorance may have.

Personally this is a difficult question- I am very aware of that situation but I also love my ad-blocker and I am happy that it works so well. I can read news, articles of any kind without distraction.

The question remains – Where do from here – because nowadays the question of paying for services becomes more and more important in other areas, too. From production via logistics to the consumer in the cities, wether it’s food, clothing or technical equipment, we tend to want it as cheap as possible without thinking about why and how we found out about this.

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